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2.5 Tog Swaddle to Sleep Bag 0-4 Months – Soft White

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Our innovative new swaddle bag has been developed to offer parents a safer, healthier bedding solution for newborns and young infants. It features unique breathable panels and the option to swaddle arms in or out. The Swaddle to Sleep Bag grows with new babies with an extended length which is certified hip healthy. Longer lasting and safe.

The Swaddle to Sleep Bag is a safe alternative to using blankets and loose bedding at sleep time to help keep baby at a safe temperature all year round and can be worn in rooms with a temperate of 14-22 degrees (see our what to wear guide on how to layer little ones). The versatile design of this baby sleep bag gives you the option to swaddle baby or let baby’s arms out – growing with the child from a swaddle to a standard baby sleep bag. The 2.5 tog is perfect for all season use, allowing parents to tailor the garments underneath to suit the temperature. The All Seasons Swaddle to Sleep Bag features the addition of Amicor Pure – a hypoallergenic fibre approved by Allergy UK to aid prevention of asthma and eczema.

Swaddle in or out
Swaddling can make babies feel safe and secure. Our versatile design gives you the option to swaddle baby or let baby’s arms out making it a standard sleep bag. We’ve used poppers because they are the safest fastenings to use on baby clothing, eliminating the risk of choking.

Breathable panels
Our range of swaddle bags feature the signature Purflo breathable mesh panels. These panels provide essential ventilation and increased airflow to keep baby at a regulated and safe temperature. Our panels are strategically located to provide maximum comfort to commonly over-heated areas on babies including the torso and lower neck.

Hip healthy extendable length
Our tailored sleep bag is perfect for that newborn stage where babies love to feel cuddled and secure. The length of our sleep sac is adaptable making it super snug for new babies and then can transition to allow for kicks and wriggles as they grow.
The shape of our Swaddle to Sleep Bag has been designed to allow for healthy hip growth.

The trusted safety zip
The YKK zippers are carefully positioned away from baby’s delicate skin and opens from the bottom to make middle of the night nappy changes much easier. There is no need to worry about snags and catching as there is a zip guard around baby’s body and a secure seam around the legs and feet.

On the go
We want to make travelling with a sleeping baby easier than ever, so our extended length features a travel friendly shape that can be used in a car seat and pushchair. Please ensure arms are out of swaddle when using in travel mode.

Size guide
Our sizing is based on measurements and weight so please use the guide to determine if this product is suitable for your baby. All babies grow at different rates and we use age as a guide only. Our product is recommended for use with babies that are approximately 0 – 4 months old, suitable for weights 6.6–16lbs or 3–7.25kg or height of 50–65cm.

This product conforms to BS EN 16781:2018

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12 reviews for 2.5 Tog Swaddle to Sleep Bag 0-4 Months – Soft White

  1. Trusted Customer

    Great quality swaddle to sleep bags made with very soft cotton. Although have not used the products yet, everything is well made and appears functional.

  2. Rachel

    As a first time mum I was really nervous about the risks but with these saddle bags I felt much happier knowing my daughter would be the right temperature and be comfortable all night. The poppers to make them smaller are great as my daughter was on the smaller side, plus they wash really well to, Highly recommend.

  3. Emma

    We have found the swaddle to sleep bag really useful. It worked from the first night we took it home from the shoot as max slept so well it in and seems to love it! I think its because he likes being all tight and wrapped up. We had to undo the poppers to full size around 2 months and he is still using it now at nearly 3 months old. We first used the swaddle when Max was 3 weeks old so is good value for money when using it every night. Overall, a fab product. Great quality and we love the fact that you can use it from newborn until around 4 months! So easy to zip up as well – unless theyre being ultra wriggly!

  4. Jaclyn Mackinnon

    Very impressed with this swaddle to sleep bag.My baby boy has been sleeping soundly in this from day one, feeling so snug & secure.I love how versatile it is, lasting to 4 months with a few clever poppers at the shoulders & feet.Favourite thing is the breathable panels, which do avoid overheating & stop sweating.This is by far the best, when I compare to other big brands I have tried.

  5. Jen

    As a busy foster mom i often get children with different needs. My latest little baby girl is so tiny that i was worried about how to keep her snug at night. Then i discovered this swaddle bag! Game changer! She loves being in it, plenty of room to kick about but with the comfort and security of being swaddled. I particularly like the attention to the little details, the mesh panels are great as i no longer worry if she’ll overheat. The adjustable legs are a great idea, so i know this item will last us a good while. I shall most certainly be recommending these to other moms carers out there.

  6. Chloe Ogilvie-Booth

    My first child loved being swaddled in a blanket and when our second child arrived, we were gifted one of the swaddle to sleep bags. We absolutely love it. The swaddle works a treat for getting our little girl to sleep, shes so comfortable and content in it. Every aspect of the swaddle bag has been so thoroughly thought out, making it such a fab product! Swaddling has been great for both my children but we struggled when getting them settled in a car seat as theyre so used to being in their blankets and obviously the chair then doesnt fasten.

  7. Nicola

    We love this swaddle bag, it’s very versatile and designed in an innovative and technical way. Stops baby from getting a sweaty back (which was happening a lot in the other sleeping bags we have).

  8. Fiona

    We had the swaddle/sleep bag as a gift and our baby boy loves sleeping in it. He had started to kick off his blanket in the night, so the sleep bag was a perfect solution and gave us all a better nights sleep. Thank you! Quality and sizing are spot on.

  9. Millie Rollinson

    Weve had this since my little one was born however didnt think to use it for the first couple of weeks. After a few sleepless nights and my baby kicking her blankets off during the night I decided to try her in the sleep bag and I wish I had done this sooner! She absolutely loved it and fell to sleep straight away sleeping through the night! I had to wake her for a feed!

  10. Martin

    So, the Botanical colour œswaddle to sleep bag arrived today. Packaged very well to protect the product firstly. Upon opening we were impressed with excellent quality and design. A beautiful and practical product which Id highly recommend. And safe with ventilation in the right places. Great service and happy to leave positive review for others considering this product.

  11. Kate

    I love the swaddle to sleep bag, my daughter loved being swaddled but I found it hard to pick her up to feed her through the night without then having to wrap her back up so this is perfect for us both.I really like that the fabric is suitable for all seasons as it means I know as long as my daughter is dressed for the room temperature then she wont be too hot or cold without needing to purchase different swaddle bags for different seasons! Ive found that the fabric washes really nicely and has stayed lovely and soft. I wish I had this swaddle to sleep bag for my older two children!

  12. Harriet Smith

    An amazing little sleep bag that helped my little girl settle at night. I particularly liked the arm holes that you could close allowing baby to feel even more secure. My daughter was born weighing just under 8lbs and I found she quickly grew too big for her arms to be fastened inside the bag, it would be great for babies born a little earlier of smaller. The mesh at the back of the bag helped regulate her temperature, ensuring she didn’t overheat in the night. I would recommend this product, it’s a must have for anybody expecting. Thank you purflosleep 🙂

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