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Baby Sleeping Bag Moon | Sleeveless, Warm, 2.5 TOG, Size: 0-6 Months, 70cm Long, Cotton , Anti-allergic


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Snuggle Up Your Little One with a Baby Sleeping Bag!

   Martex Brand ( one of the oldest and most trusted brands in core bed and bath linens )

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what we love about our Baby Sleeping Bag

Keep Your Newborn Baby Cozy and Safe with a Baby Sleeping Bag.

Putting your little one down for a nap or bedtime can feel like an Olympic event. The struggle to keep them warm, comfortable, and safe is real. Regular blankets just don’t seem to do the trick, and you spend countless nights worrying about their safety.

But what if we told you there’s a simple solution? A baby sleeping bag that combines the coziness of a familiar blanket with the safety and convenience of a sleep sack. Say goodbye to tangles, trips, and tangled toes!

The Moon sleep bag is perfect for keeping your newborn warm during the cooler months. The sleeping bag is made of 100% cotton filled with anti-allergic non-woven fabric and measures 70 cm from the shoulders, 48 cm at the bottom, and 37 cm under the armholes so fits all babies from newborn up to 6 months old.

With a zipper in the front for easy fastening, this sleeping bag will keep tiny ones cozy and comfortable even on chilly days.

Baby Sleeping Bag, baby sleep bag, sleep bag for baby, baby winter sleeping bagBaby Sleeping Bag, baby sleep bag, sleep bag for baby, baby winter sleeping bagBaby Sleeping Bag, baby sleep bag, sleep bag for baby, baby winter sleeping bag

what is a baby sleeping bag?

It’s like an adult sleeping bag, but specially designed for your baby’s needs.The perfect companion for your little one’s beauty sleep. With adjustable arm holes and a design inspired by adult sleeping bags, this innovative product ensures your baby stays snug and secure all night long. And, you can customize the fit to ensure maximum comfort. Say goodbye to blanket battles and hello to peaceful nights.

the benefits of baby sleeping bag


Keep your baby warm during autumn and winter! It’s designed specifically to provide lasting warmth and comfort on cool nights.


Rest assured that your newborn is safe with this sleeping bag, as it’s made of 100% cotton with anti-allergic non-woven fabric 200gr. This sleeping bag ensures a soft touch on your baby’s delicate skin. It also keeps them warm without making them overheat or uncomfortable.


The Moon autumn & winter season baby sleeping bag comes with a zipper in the front so that you can easily fasten it to keep your little one snug.


This sleeping bag is easy to use with a fully fastened zipper in the front. It can also be adjusted as your baby grows with its adjustable shoulder straps and bottom width for added flexibility and convenience.

Baby Sleeping Bag, baby sleep bag, sleep bag for baby, baby winter sleeping bagBaby Sleeping Bag, baby sleep bag, sleep bag for baby, baby winter sleeping bag

safe sleep

Not only is the sleeping bag breathable, but it has been designed to prevent bedding from covering child’s face, which reduces the risk of aspiration. And because no more worrying about covers getting tangled up, you can rest easy knowing your baby is snug, secure, and protected all night long!


  • antiallergic non-woven fabric: 200g. Very Warm.
  • 100% cotton
  • season: autumn, winter
  • size: from newborn up to 6 months
  • 70 cm long
  • 48 cm at the bottom
  • 37 cm under the armholes
  • Brand: Martex
  • OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Certificate

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