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Baby Sling Wrap – Black & White Stripes

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Multi-Award Winning Baby Sling / Best Baby Carrier 2024 by M&B Awards & Loved By Parents

Enjoy Hands – Free While Bonding with your Baby!


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RYLOOBABY Sling promotes bonding while keeping your little one cool and calm. Our safe, durable and breathable wrap will become an everyday essential that you and your baby will love. The ideal daily go-to wrap. Not only does it compliment everything in your wardrobe, its versatility and one size fits all makes it a firm favourite with all parents, meaning you can share the baby-wearing fun!

Baby loves the feeling of being on your chest, hearing your heartbeat and temperature, making it a wonderful bonding tool.

The RYLOOBABY SLING is supportive, soft and lightweight. It allows optimum positioning for baby, and has been deemed by the IHDI as being a “hip-healthy” product.


• Suitable for newborns, infants & toddlers (8-35lbs / 3-15kg).

• Premium cotton blend – 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex.

• Comes with drawstring bag and instruction manual.


• Machine washable

• We recommend 30°c on a delicate cycle

• Do not tumble dry

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48 reviews for Baby Sling Wrap – Black & White Stripes

  1. Sophie Jenkinson

    I was so excited to get this as I have a velcro baby and the carrier I currently have was killing my shoulders and back. I was so surprised with how good it is! Firstly it comes in a clear plastic bag, then a drawstring fabric bag. It’s so soft and a lovely colour. I was worried about the length being a larger (eh hem) lady but it fit me with plenty left over to tie. Huge plus for me as I’m always worried about carriers not fastening properly. It’s really easy to figure out how to wear it too but the video on here is perfect. Can be washed on a cold wash and tumbled dried on low.

  2. sophie

    Such a lovely product – I didn’t know what to expect when buying this but the material is soft and a good material to wear but also to hold against your baby. It’s a lovely colour which helps make it look nice on rather than the big chunky buckle systems it’s more pleasing on the eye and you feel more confident wearing it.

  3. LS

    Bought this to travel with 3 month old baby, airport and plane. More comfortable than the bulkier structured versions and ensured baby close and safe. Washed well, can get caught and pulls threads but that’s with any material if something sharp catches on. Would recommend as good length and easy to put on quickly after a few goes. Baby felt comfortable most importantly and so did my back. Recommend

  4. vicky

    Used why traveling. Good quality, easy to wash and dry, comfortable to use

  5. paula-louise

    My little girl is 11 days old and this has been an actual godsend, she is very clingy to me and loves to sleep on my chest but I feel I can’t get much done at all.. until this! It’s super soft and amazing quality material, wearing my baby girl on me whilst I can do house jobs is the best! She sleeps no bother in it and doesn’t want to get out 😂 easy to put on, tip as well I pre do the wrap at home and wear it ready to get her out the car and straight into the sling

  6. Rachel mcevoy

    I read a few reviews on here, some mixed about the product. I’ve liked it so far. Hard to get used to for a newborn but I watched a couple of YouTube vids to help me and I was flying with it then. Once baby is older it gets so much easier to use

  7. Amazon Customer

    I love it! Stylish, soft and stretchy. Baby falls asleep almost straight away and I can do the house chores with two free hands. You won’t be disappointed

  8. Georgie Braggins-Elder

    Great product, so soft, supportive and distributes the weight brilliantly. She really calms down and often her biggest naps start wrapped up before we put her down.

  9. Mrs Z

    Quality of the fabric is great, breathable and flexible. However, mastering the wrap takes time instructions were not helpful for me so had to head to YouTube to visual instructions. Overall, good product.

  10. Carolina

    I don’t know what to say besides that this is amazing, you can get some stuff done around the house and go for a walk with no fussiness or crying baby , my baby sleeps in this after a feed . I love it 🥰

  11. Luana

    Baby loves it, fabric is great quality and soft. Easy to fit as well.

  12. jen westley

    This was the perfect gift for my son, he loves being able to have the close contact with his newborn. Soft material so does not irate baby.

  13. Rosie Watson

    The sling is lovely and soft, but it’s just plain grey not even slightly “sage”, and there’s no nice sheen to it like the picture. I really wanted a nice sling so I’m disappointed but it’ll do the job I guess. I haven’t had the baby yet so can’t comment on use.

  14. victoria

    Bought this to baby-wear newborn while playing with toddler and helping with the transition of introducing her to him. Newborn had lovely naps while I got things done and spent time with my toddler. Easy to use and soft. Really helped with providing attention to both toddler and newborn in early weeks.

  15. Henriette kenga

    Wish I got this a little sooner. Baby loves it I love it really long and stretchy (I’m plus size ;))

  16. Stephanie

    It arrived quickly and is a lovely sling. Very soft fabric and good quality. However it was just too faffy with wrapping it for my little one. You will end up on YouTube trying to figure it out, in the end I bought a carrier.

  17. Susana viviani

    Sturdy and made of great material, this is the perfect hands-free carrier for my newborn, who loves to be attached to me. I highly recommend it!

  18. Jazzy

    Love this so much have used it for both my children. The colour and fabric are amazing and it’s so comfortable and is a lifesaver for your back.

  19. Amazon Customer

    When you learn the technique, this sling wrap is so easy to use. It’s been great for carrying my little one around the house with me – she’s not a napper but she’s very content and relaxed when in the sling. Although “lightweight” baby does get hot so I would recommend layering down as TECHNICALLY the sling is 3 layers over the baby (each shoulder wrap and the middle one)

  20. stacey atkin

    Once I figured how to use this sling, I carried baby around in it all the time from about 6 weeks old. In the home, on the bus, out and about. Baby loves the sling and is nearly 6 months old and still falls asleep in it. For a plus size, there is enough material.

  21. scarlett

    Myself and my baby love this sling and we used it so much when he was a newborn. He would curl up and go to sleep. I used it both indoors and outdoors and found it really easy to put on and get baby into.

  22. Janice Seranilla

    The product is very nice and durable.

  23. phoebe hill

    Really comfy sling, been using for 2 months now with my new born and he loves it, soft stretchy material and easy to use. Only thing worth mentioning is the fabric is quite thick, so may not be suitable for summer.

  24. Dario

    Too complicated for us. Bought a standard front backpack like carrier

  25. user 1


  26. Miss Jane L Hobson

    Bought for sister and her newborn baby. Easy to use.

  27. hannahlydia

    My baby is so much happier in this. I love it. Helps a lot when you have a clingy baby and need to get this done around the house.

  28. Amazon Customer

    I used this so much when my baby was newborn and it was cooler weather, the sling is easy to tie once you are used to it and feels soft and comfortable as I didn’t want to use one of the once with buckles when he was tiny. I have used it a couple of times when it’s been hot but there is a lot of fabric so I have put it aside for the summer months but definitely will be reaching for it again when it gets cooler

  29. Rubie

    Since the current reviews and photos are all of newborns, I thought it would be useful for prospective buyers to see how it fits an older baby! Featuring my six month old napping comfortably (in fact, in the only way she WILL nap). I bought this sling as a spare for a different one because I was so reliant on it that it hadn’t been in the washing machine for five months! This one was cheaper, but despite that its usage is identical, it’s more comfortable, and the colour is much nicer (I chose the sage green).

  30. Leyton

    My baby loved this and still does at 7 months. I would get pain in my back and shoulders using a carrier however I’ve not had any issues with shoulder or back pain using this wrap. Fairly easy to put on. Very comfortable.

  31. Abbie

    This is absolutely amazing, my baby loves to sleep on your chest and this is a game changer, means I can get things done and move around freely while she’s still sleeping on my chest. So comfy for us both, my best purchase ever.

  32. TM AH

    Perfect gift! Really lovely and comfortable. Easy to use, clean and gorgeous colour

  33. Danielle Bigaignon

    Love this So did my little one! Fits nicely into the little bag so easy to bring out and cleans well in the machine

  34. Rebecca Ellis

    Very good holds baby in place well, without feeling the need to support baby with hands too! It does make you and baby sweat though. So only put them in something thin when you wear this as we were both soaked when i took baby out and all he had on was a sleepsuit! So not very breathable at all but overall a good buy, as it keeps baby close to me and settled while doing jobs around the house 🙂

  35. Aisling Dunne

    I knew the second I opened this it was better than I even expected. The material is unreal, great length and is just perfect. I’d been looking at really expensive ones and thought the reviews on this product looked enough to give it a go and it did not disappoint. I’ve had it a day and I’d say I’ve used it on and off about 4 hours with pure ease.

  36. Niomie

    I’ve had mine for two years now and it’s in great condition, I plan on using it again very soon great value and quality 👌

  37. TheBaileys

    Had to watch a tutorial to use it. I enjoyed wearing my baby as a tiny newborn with this wrap but I feel like I can’t get it tight enough to support him now he is a few months old- he feels much more supported in my other proper baby carrier (ergo brand). Worth mentioning though that I am a plus size woman and this wrap is plenty long enough to go round me and then some, so that is good.

  38. Jodie

    Bought as my baby loves to be cuddled at the most inconvenient time when getting ready for the day. So easy to use and keeps my baby secure to my chest.

  39. Drizzy

    Baby loves this and falls asleep within minutes – perfect for clingy babies and keeping your hands free

  40. Iara

    Best thing I bought! Baby loves it and is super practical. Also great material

  41. Za

    I like the colour. I like the material its stretchy. I didn’t realise it was so long. It is a bit of hustle wrapping it each time, but I do really like it. My baby likes looking at the contrasts black and white colour when I carry him!

  42. Jurie Badenhorst

    This was one of items I’ve used almost every day for the past 8 months with my baby. Quality is good. The colour is beautiful and has wrapped my newborn till now my 8 month old perfectly! Love it!

  43. Tanya

    Loving it! My baby girl loves being close and feeling secure in it. The fabric is soft and just stretchy enough so you can control how close you want the baby to be with it. Also its wide enough to keep mummy’s shoulders warm on a chilly day as well as long enough to do at least a double knot at the front for extra security 😉. I actually went for a beige one but bought the stipy one for my lovely baby nephew 💙 🖤🤍🖤🤍

  44. Clothbummum

    I haven’t particularly enjoyed using this sling and felt it was always too loose for my newborn; if I tightened it more I couldn’t get baby into it. For a while I thought it was my technique, however I have recently tried a different brand and I can now see that this carrier isn’t very stretchy which is the problem for me.

  45. lucy

    I love how soft this is and it comes with instructions for use, I am excited to use it when my baby arrives.

  46. Fa_6787

    I love it. Love the colour and quality. The stretchiness is just about right. My baby sleeps in it for a good 2-3 hours.

  47. Alex L-T

    Bought for my cat. He loves it, just look at dat face

  48. Mrs Watkins

    Bought this after trying and failing with another carrier (the kind with straps & buckles). Newborn is currently going through the “oh god, I’m alive” leap in neuro development and is super clingy, which isn’t always the most convenient. This sling has allowed me to finally get some stuff done, whilst also keeping the little one close. Clean pants AND a soothed baby? I’ll take it!

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