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Breathe Pregnancy Pillow – Jardin

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Ergonomic design

The Breathe Pregnancy Pillow features an ergonomic shape, designed to provide complete support and comfort for a more restful night’s sleep during pregnancy. The 3D spacer mesh provides full breathability around the bump area and has ultra soft jersey cotton interlock throughout.

When used as a back support cushion during pregnancy or after birth, the ergonomic design follows the natural contours of a Mums back.

Super supportive

Our Pregnancy Pillow is the next step up from a traditional pregnancy pillow. Rather than a traditional sausage-shaped construction, ours features a central 3D spacer mesh panel that follows the natural shape of an expectant Mum. The top and bottom of the pillow are curved to support the head, hips, knees and ankles in all the right places.

If used regularly from the start of the second trimester, pregnancy pillows can encourage baby to naturally get into the optimum position for birth.

For Mum and baby

The Breathe Pregnancy Pillow can also be used beyond pregnancy to provide support during the feeding process. Added support during feeding can be particularly beneficial to C-Section Mums and can take painful pressure of their stomachs and backs.

The contoured shape of the Breathe Pregnancy Pillow makes an excellent back support cushion beyond the maternity stage and feeding baby. Our pillow can also be used to help support baby during tummy time, helping baby develop strong neck and shoulder muscles and promote motor skills.


43cm x 116cm

Care Instructions

Cover: Can be removed and machine washed at 40 degrees on a gentle wash and tumble dried on low heat. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

Inner: Can be washed on 30 degree gentle wash and tumble dried on a low heat. Reshape whilst damp. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.


Cover: Mesh – 100& Polyester, Cover – 100% Cotton

Inner: 100% Polyester

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29 reviews for Breathe Pregnancy Pillow – Jardin

  1. mazzystar

    Best purchase I’ve made in a while. So comfortable. Had mid-back pain but use the cushion when I’m sitting in an armchair and it’s so supportive. Also have a more restful sleep at night. I can see myself using this when I’m not pregnant – it’s so comfortable at night in bed. Also will be using it for nursing and tummy time. So it’s definitely worth the money. Recommended.

  2. Hannah223

    A great pregnancy pillow. I was suffering with back pain down my one side due to pregnancy so I brought this and it’s amazing. You can use it to sit up in bed too or on a chair in the day. I like my pillows firm anyway so this was perfect for me. I would definitely recommend.

  3. Marta

    I bought this to help me sleep while pregnant, but found this pillow too firm and so it made me quite uncomfortable. I’m hoping to use it while feeding the baby though, as it should provide enough support being this firm.

  4. Nashib

    Best thing is the floral pillow cover which makes it a standout to others. Designed for side sleepers, it is a decent size in bed, my wife is 5ft5″ tall. She also often uses this as a back support when sitting upright. Pillow is amply stuffed giving it a soft, comfy feel. Gave it 5 stars as I’m happy with the product. But having only used it for 2 months, the prixe still does not feel justified.

  5. Ana

    It’s very firm and heavy. If you’re buying as an under the belly support a thin pillow will be more suitable and confortable, at least for sleeping. I also felt like it was to high for sleeping. I bought this early second trimester and now I’m in the third and still feeling like it was a waste of money. I only use it while I’m seated.

  6. Constanza Moreno Sanchez

    Quite sturdy but comfy and has made a big difference to help me feel comfortable while lying down.

  7. Mystic Lady

    Where has this been all my life?! What a superb pillow! I use it everyday now and take it all over my home with me, it’s not too heavy so I can easily move it with me from the bedroom to the living room. I’m not pregnant and I haven’t been using it for those purposes but I think it’s ideal for a pregnant woman. I have many long term chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, me/CFS and FND so I’ve been using this pillow to support my body and help alleviate pain when I’m having a flare up and it’s been phenomenal at helping reduce the pain in my body.

  8. Great purchase!

    This is a good purchase, although using it at the moment it is rather hard, but I think it will be better used when our little one is here.

  9. janice

    Great pillow, indeed it’s firm but I like that especially for my big hips that enjoy the lift over the pillow. My only gripe is that within a week it flattened so is no longer as awesome and round as it first was.

  10. Rochelle

    I personally don’t really like this, it’s good for in between the legs but doesn’t really support, not great to sleep with, had to buy a different one

  11. Sara

    The product itself is good, but for me personally is too firm so I returned it.

  12. JT

    This pillow was a waste of money! Way to hard to support your belly and cannot be molded to shape.

  13. kelly Tomlinson

    My partner bought me this after reading reviews and after months of trying it on and off I give in, it’s too firm and sweaty. It gave me hip pain rather than take it away, the only one section of breathable material is a few inches along and still not very breathable at all. It’s definitely not mouldable to your bump either so I’ve been using an ikea pillow instead 🙃

  14. Shopaholic

    So the description states this is a:- Breathe pregnancy pillow. Revolutionary fully breathable maternity pillow with luxurious soft jersey cover. Use as body pillow, leg pillow, nursing pillow & tummy time pillow, botanical. You need this if your pregnant or not… I’m use to placing 3 pillows to get comfortably and now just need this one. Personally think the price is a little hight for this type of pillow. But if your like me, you will litterly pay anything for a night’s sleep.

  15. SASSY

    This was great through my pregnancy! I couldn’t get comfy until I used this, I’ve also been using as a breast feeding pillow and it’s great for that too! It’s well made, The cover is easy to put on and take off, Cover is washable, The pattern is lovely!

  16. G&B reviews

    This Purflo Breathe Pregnancy Pillow | Revolutionary Fully Breathable Maternity Pillow With Luxurious Soft Jersey Cover | Use as Body Pillow, Leg Pillow, Nursing Pillow & Tummy Time Pillow | Minimal Grey is great! nice quality! easy to use! nice and comfortable! my wife really likes it! Good value for money

  17. david duke

    So I suffer from fibromyalgia and had been advised some of these pillows are helpful with sleep so decided to try. Came well packaged and clean with its own removable cover nice and firm. When it’s laid out for wrapping your leg over its comfortable and measures approx 54 inches long. Would definitely be good for nursing and it’s intended purpose with its breathable mesh centre piece. I found this a reall nice pillow just not sure about the price seems a little high.

  18. Fr

    Comes full sized with its cover on. Unzip the bag and it can be used straight away. A really lovely design on the cover, white with botanical leaves printed all over. The cover fits well on the pillow. Not too loose with excess fabric or too tight where you’re struggling for it to fit. The cover mesh is 100% polyester and the outer is 100% cotton, the cushion inner is 100% polyester. Multifunctional, its perfect for mum throughout pregnancy and beyond, helping out with feeding and help little ones aid tummy time. It’s a really good size, approx 43cm x 116cm.

  19. Family Reviews

    This is exactly the sort of cushion my wife has needed during her pregnancy. She has suffered terribly from mobility issues including SPD (symphysis pubic dysfunction) and sciatic, making the last few weeks of her pregnancy particularly difficult more so when trying to rest and sleep or even sit comfortable. This cushion allows her to support her legs whilst sleeping but also keeps her sleeping on her side, as is advised in later pregnancy to help the oxygen flow to the baby. She has found it very supportive when sitting

  20. Sarah Atkins

    This pillow is perfect for me because I’m a side sleeper and tend to get hip pain. It allows you to feel supported and has completely eliminated all the discomfort I had been feeling. You can remove the cover for washing, too.

  21. Susan Pointon

    Although this pillow is classed as a pregnancy pillow I ordered it for my mum who is 76 and suffers with arthritis that hinders her ability to be able to lay down comfortably and thus struggles to be able to sleep at night. This pillow offers her a level of support and comfort in bed that allows her to be able to be more relaxed and helps eases her pain by elevating problematic areas to be able to actually drift off to sleep.

  22. ProductReviewer101

    This cushion was a life saver both during pregnancy and for breast feeding. Having really struggled with attachment initially, this cushion really helped when doing the rugby ball hold. It’s soft, comfortable and has breathable panels so when you’re resting on it it doesn’t feel too sweaty especially in the hotter months. It also helped with tummy time for baby when she was a bit older to prop her up. I like the pattern. The cushion is removable and both can be washed.

  23. Loui

    Absolutely love this pillow. I wake up with little to no back/pelvic pain now that I have this. Before I ordered I would cry every morning because of how badly my hips hurt. The pillow is soft and comfortable and gives enough support to my back while sleeping. It comes in a bag, so can be hidden away if not being used. It will be good for pregnant ladies or others who need some support in bed.

  24. TechRadar

    This review is for the Purflo Breathe Pregnancy Pillow | Revolutionary Fully Breathable Maternity Pillow With Luxurious Soft Jersey Cover | Use as Body Pillow, Leg Pillow, Nursing Pillow & Tummy Time Pillow | Minimal Grey A great pillow, arrived well packaged and on time. Comes vacuumed packed and is pretty large once inflated. Defo help with sleeping comfort. Would recommend

  25. J-Mac

    My wife loves this. Finds it very comfortable to cuddle up to and rest on. Comes curled up in a handy carry bag, so you can take it on holiday with you if you wanted to. Nice and soft and perfect to just laze on when sleeping.

  26. Neminem

    This moon shape pregnancy pillow has been especially handy for my wife while she was nursing our baby daughter, it helped her posture and supported her when she was breastfeeding. The pillow is oversized and can be folded into various shapes for different occasions. I’ve occasionally used it to ease my sciatica and with its removable cover, it’s also easy to wash.

  27. Mark Shackelford

    So comfy, feels wonderful and comes in a lovely case too. Brilliant.

  28. Megan

    I have had orthopaedic pillows in the past, but this is definitely far better quality. The pillow is quite firm so I trust that it won’t flatten out after a few weeks of use. Sleeping with my leg over it does seem to have reduced some of my back pain and hopefully when baby arrives it will continue to be useful! I do which there was more patterns available though.

  29. Trusted Reviews

    Ok, a body-length pillow, especially the one you could use later as a nursing pillow, is a must when you are pregnant. It is amazing to cuddle up to and rest your belly on, but this one has a few limitations: 1. There is no way to secure it around your body, so it is not the bests nursing pillow; 2. It is too hard and as it is one thickness more or less all around, it is not that comfy to use as a belly rest; 3. It is curved naturally and keeps bouncing into its curved shape, which may not be ideal for everyone.

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