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Bumbo Floor Seat – Powder Blue

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Bumbo is the ultimate support seat for your little one. Available in various colours. Includes a durable 3-point safety harness and made from a luxurious, high quality foam. Suitable from 3 – 12 months


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Ergonomically designed for support and stability, this very popular and versatile seat promotes proper posture and encourages independent play. Parents for years have trusted the Bumbo Floor Seat as a safe and comfortable seating option. It provides contoured support to help your baby sit upright – the deep seating surface and elevated leg openings of the floor seat gently recline your baby toward the centre of the rounded backrest, easing your baby into an upright position. The seat is soft, comfortable and easy to clean and made from a luxurious, high-quality foam, similar to that used in modern-day car seats. It comes with a durable 3-point safety harness to prevent babies from falling out while allowing them to be their wriggly selves! Many other baby seats have come onto the market since the introduction of the original Bumbo floor seat but very few have ever proven to be as effective in keeping babies comfortable and secure.

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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 44 × 48 × 19 cm


19 reviews for Bumbo Floor Seat – Powder Blue

  1. Bee


  2. sarah buchta

    Arrived promptly, really happy with product. My 3 month old seems to enjoy it. Not sure how many more weeks: months use I’ll get as he seems to fill it out already. I didn’t think he was that big, as he’s still in up to a month baby grows.

  3. Celia M Howe

    Don’t waste your money buying anything else. This is a wonderful product and babies are very comfortable in them. The high back and the lower ‘bum’ ‘ position ‘ is very safe for babies. Our family have used them for 16 yrs

  4. OF

    This has really helped my baby to learn how to sit.

  5. Alice Eaton

    my little ones does use this however i do find it very firm and ridged and he sometimes gets frustrated when sat in it.

  6. Maria

    Love the green colour it was for my grandbaby to aid her development in sitting up, she loves it and is very happy playing with her toys

  7. Disappointed

    Our baby average size/ weight baby does not fit into the seat, it’s too tight for his legs. He screams every time we try as it’s obviously uncomfortable. Waste of money.

  8. Ms K Macaulay

    My little granddaughter is only 4 months old and she absolutely loves this chair. It is very portable and light for my daughter to carry her from room to room. I think it encourages them to be a bit stronger sitting up as well. Highly recommend.

  9. debbie

    My grandson loves this seat, no more falling over to the sides , its perfect.

  10. scott

    The bumbo was excellent had one before. Delivery was very quick and accurate super service.

  11. Lee

    Turned up with scuffs and marks on, looks like it’s used not new

  12. Dawn

    The seat was ok however the tray table I paid extra for does not fit on the bumbo seat properly and it actually fell off and my baby hurt herself! Very disappointed as I have had one in the past and that was ok

  13. Amazon Customer

    These baby seats are honestly awful and a massive waste of money. The newest model/version of these seats (the ones with straps) run too small, the straps get in the way. It’s really hard to get your baby in and out of it when you’re by yourself. The tray that is supposed to go with it doesn’t even fit the bumbo seat. My baby hates it and so do I. Such an expensive mistake.

  14. P anderson

    know this brand and had bought for grandchild so when my friends baby was born i knew what to buy.

  15. Daisy sundas

    Very happy that it has a safety harness

  16. Gabby g.

    Happy with my order but I would say it will be uncomfortable once my baby gets abit bigger she’s 3 months and has little chubby legs I feel like they look abit squashed already but over all fast delivery came as discripted and actually arrived a day or 2 early

  17. nounou zabelle

    I like this seat for the little ones that I keep, when it starts to sit, it is very stable, and deep, for cons, I had a maybe the old generation or there is no strap, and I found very well, because with the one I find it a pity that we can not remove them because his gene baby, it is my personal opinion but I recommend it anyway

  18. ?-

    It’s wonderful, it fully embraces my baby, has had it for 4 months. I recommend it

  19. “major_groove”

    Has been great dornus between age 6 months and 11. I think you are meant to stop using it at 9 months as she can push herawlf backwards while in the seat, but we put it on a table against the wall and it’s fine. Great seat. Highly recommended. Baby seems to like or too.

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