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Elvie Single Breast Pump

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Elvie Pump Single – Ultra Quiet, Wearable Electric Breast Pump


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Elvie Pump is an ultra-quiet, wearable electric breast pump designed to discreetly slip inside your bra. Controlled through an app on your phone for a seamless experience, you can confidently collect breast milk where other pumpers dare not go. Elvie Pump is wire-free, hands-free and hassle-free. Like pumping should be. Wearable Small, lightweight, and hands-free, Elvie Pump tucks discreetly into your bra. Feel confident pumping hands-free anywhere, from boardroom to baby’s room. Ultra-quiet Quiet by design, Elvie Pump uses patented breast pump technology that lets you focus on other things while you pump. Hassle-free No cords, no tubes, no wasted time, Elvie Pump has just five parts to clean and is easy to assemble. Getting started couldn’t be easier with in-app onboarding that guides you step-by-step. Smart Use the app to control the pump, see real-time milk volume, and track pump history without ever reaching into your bra. Personalize your pump by choosing your default intensity settings and controlling the lights. Responsive Elvie Pump automatically switches from Stimulation into Expression mode when it detects let-down and will pause when the bottle is full. One less thing to think about. Key Features Personalize your pumping preferences by saving your default intensity settings Control the brightness of the lights on your Hub (brighten for night pumping or dim for discretion) Advanced technology allows you to improve and upgrade your pump’s firmware on the device remotely through the app Use the Insights feature of the app to learn more about your pumping behaviour Side selector function allows you to track which breast you are pumping from 2 modes and 14 intensity settings (7 per mode) Can be combined with another single Elvie Pump hub to use as a double pump Portable, cordless all-in-one design Dishwasher safe washable parts 150 ml / 5 oz BPA-free and fridge/freezer safe bottles Includes two Breast Shield sizes (24 mm, 28 mm) in the box for the best fit Closed system for hygiene What’s in the box? 1 Hub 2 Bottles (5oz/150ml, BPA free) 1 Breast Shield (24 mm) 1 Breast Shield (28 mm) 2 Valves 2 Spouts 2 Seals 2 Storage Lids 2 Bra Adjusters 1 USB Charging Cable 1 Carry Bag Instructions for Use Brand Story Elvie is bringing women’s technology out of the dark ages, dedicated to improving women’s lives through better ? and smarter ? technology since 2013. Elvie’s Founder and CEO, Tania Boler, is an internationally recognized women’s health expert who’s passionate about improving women’s physical and emotional wellbeing while leading taboo-busting conversations around women’s health. As an expert with over 15 years? experience, Tania’s mission has always been to create world-class technology to address intimate (and often neglected) issues faced by women throughout their lives. Important info Warranty 2-year warranty on the Hub (pump mechanism) and 90-day warranty on washable components. For complete warranty information, please refer to elvie.com. Customer Care We understand our breast pumps are different. After all, they’re designed to be. If you need any help figuring them out or are experiencing anything unexpected we have an excellent Customer Care team of product experts ready to help you. You can contact them on 0333 234 3436 (Mon-Sun 8AM until Midnight)

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22 reviews for Elvie Single Breast Pump

  1. Priya Buttoo

    I have the medela solo pump but got this one as it is totally hands free. I love it. It’s discreet and no one can tell you’re using it unless you mention it! It’s not very noisy but does have a little light on the front. Deffo recommend

  2. Cee_sau

    I cannot rate this pump more highly, if only this had been around when I was feeding my first two children.
    I have been very keen to breastfeed but due to some complications with my newborn have been combination feeding, meaning I need to express as much as possible which I have always struggled with, as I never seem to have the time to sit for 30 mins to get it done. With this pump, it slots perfectly into my bra, and I can walk around the house, do jobs, feed the baby a bottle, do anything I need to while pumping!

  3. Amazon Customer

    The Pump is:
    – Not quiet
    – Not discreet: Big light at the top
    – Not hands free: Need to press it firmly against the breast. The power button is in the middle so if you put it in a firm bra, it may be turned off.
    – Unreliable Warranty: Marketing it with 2 years warranty but they don’t help you if the product doesn’t work.

  4. Lucy Odell

    I’ve been struggling to keep up with the demand of my little ones breast milk supply needs but using the Elvie pump for a few days has completely changed our lives! My supply has almost doubled because of the convenience the Elvie pump gives me, being able to put it on and get on with my day while it sits comfortably in my bra. I love the features within the app and that I can control and track my pumping schedule from my phone – it’s really handy to be able to look on the app at my pumping session to see how long is left and how much milk I’ve collected.

  5. Natalia Korek

    So disappointing. I rarely post reviews but I feel this might help a few of those who decide to splurge on the product. I have properly sized flanges, I make sure the pump is properly fitted (I fit the flange first and then put the rest of the pump on to see the exact nipple alignment). After testing it for well over a month I can say that:
    It is not entirely hands free. I tried multiple various bras, and combination of tight tops too. The suction is so weak that you cannot bend over to tend to the baby as you will break suction and leak. You end up trying to stand or sit straight to prevent leakage which defeats the purpose of a hands free pump.

  6. Ben Paterson

    This present from my partner is a life changer. I just used the pump for the first time and wow, it is something else – in 2 minutes I got 30ml without even noticing. It’s fast and convenient, just what I needed. I had a positive experience using a traditional electric pumpwith my first baby but found the Elvie easier to use and clean, it’s quieter and the nice design is a plus too.

  7. Sean

    Really regretting not having bought this with my first baby, it had made a world of difference to our breastfeeding journey! So easy to use, small enough to put into a purse and I can easily pump on the go /in the car. Just get it, it’s a massive lifesaver!

  8. Sasa

    Only 1 out of 2 work. I wanted to splurge on something nice so I got these 2 from Elvie bc I keep on seeing it everywhere online as the best brand but it wasn’t. Only 1 out of 2 work, which is a shame when you pay for 2 lol So I had to pump double of time and use the same pump once the other breast was done. The machine overheat. The charging doesn’t last long after 2 pump of 30min it needs to recharge and it takes a long time to charge too. It’s very loud and visually not discreet due to the light on them that keeps on clicking. So if you want to pump during the day or during another activity, people will hear the noise and see the light clicking coming out of your clothes.

  9. MG

    I can’t express enough how much the Elvie Pump has simplified my breastfeeding journey. Its hands-free functionality has given me the freedom to pump while tackling daily tasks, drastically increasing my productivity. The seamless integration with its app allows me to effortlessly track and adjust pumping sessions from my phone, providing invaluable convenience and control. Plus, the customisable settings ensure a comfortable and tailored experience every time. For any breastfeeding mum looking for convenience and efficiency, I’d definitely recommend the Elvie pump—it’s been a revolutionary tool for me!

  10. Julia

    Elvie pumps have helped me so much to get the milk I need for my baby. It took me a bit to properly properly align my nipple and get used to the different pump settings in the app but after playing with them I can definitely feel that I have made it work for me. The milk volume is sometimes a bit off, but I found that if I don’t tilt the bottle it tends to be quite accurate. As a tip, everybody should try the ‘Slow and Gentle’ smart rhythm when pumping with the app – don’t be mistaken by its name, I can say it helped me produce more milk than just using the normal settings and it didn’t feel any slower.

  11. moomoo

    I’m so glad I went ahead and got the Elvie Pump. It is easy to use and quiet so I now feel confident pumping when I’m out of the house. The ability to customise the suction has been a lifesaver for me – especially when I had oversupply and heavier let downs. Definitely recommend!

  12. Rosemary Thomas

    Waiting for an answer on the warranty

  13. ThatBookGal

    The Elvie is hugely expensive in comparison to other models on the market. I’ve been using it alongside two other pumps, and do I think it’s good value for money? Probably not. The things I do and don’t like in comparison to the other hands free pump I have are:
    + It is much quieter. It’s not silent, but it’s quiet enough that you could comfortably wear it around others without being subconscious.
    + There is a little spout with the pots, so it’s easy to poor the milk into bottles. Every drop is precious so this is one of my favourite things about this pump.
    + It’s really easy to position as there are lines to guide you and you can just about see where you’ve placed it.
    – The suction is ok, but it’s definitely the weakest of all the pumps I have.

  14. Amazon Customer

    LOVE this pump, day 1 of using and got a good amount this early from one side; baby is a week old. I’ve found it so easy to use and so convenient as I have a toddler to look after so I can’t be attached to the wall as I was with my old pump.

  15. Teresa

    I wasn’t sure if I should buy it because of its price but bought it in the end. I’m so thankful I did it, it provides freedom! And it’s very quiet.

  16. Sandra

    I was a bit nervous about pumping and also about which pump to purchase. After working out exactly what I wanted (wearable, quiet, smart tech) I took the plunge and bought Elvie and I’m so glad I did. I finally have my life back, even if it’s just the little things like washing the dishes! The automatic express to stimulation was a feature I didn’t realise until afterwards either.

  17. Amazon Customer

    Bought and used for a week, ran out of charge and wouldn’t recharge. Refused refund despite being legal right. Terrible customer service through Elvie site.
    Have another pump that leaks a lot.
    Really not worth the money!!! Cheaper and better alternatives.

  18. Javier R.

    This product has really change my breastfeeding journey, it has a learning curve and takes some time to understand how to use it properly, but once you make it work it’s amazing!

  19. Jeanie

    This was ordered and delivered within 24hrs to replace one which was damaged in a dishwasher and urgently needed for new young mum.!I
    Excellent service, but the recipient is requesting evidence of purchase/warranty which I assume was not provided. Hoping seller can help.
    Otherwise,, excellent service. and great product.

  20. Lara Moustafa

    Really happy with my purchase of this pump! I’m exclusively breast feeding and after initially using the Spectra S1 pump (which hurt so badly!) I decided to give Elvie a go after hearing the good reviews. At first I was skeptical because the reviews are so varied considering the price. I think you either love it or you hate it and I absolutely LOVE it. I’m exclusively breast feeding so purchasing only one was sufficient for me. If you’re solely expressing then perhaps opt for the double but the single is more than enough (as I had the little one on the other boob!).

  21. Mary

    I had tried other pumps before, this one is just the next level. No need of wires and very easy to clean.

  22. Laura

    Nothing to add, just great! Silent and confortable to wear in-bra.

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