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ergoPouch – Butterfly Cardi – Oatmeal 0.2 TOG 0-3m

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When your swaddled baby begins to show signs of rolling, it is time to transition them to arms-out sleeping for their safety. The Butterfly Cardi is innovatively designed to be a transition aid worn over your baby’s swaddle or sleeping bag, to help them transition to arms-out with minimal sleep interruptions and maximum sleep comfort. The 0.2 TOG rating makes it a light layer suitable for use over any sleeping bag in any room temperature.


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When your swaddled baby begins to show signs of rolling, it is time to transition them to arms-out sleeping for their safety. The Butterfly Cardi is innovatively designed to be a transition aid worn over your baby’s swaddle or sleeping bag, to help them transition to arms-out with minimal sleep interruptions and maximum sleep comfort. The 0.2 TOG rating makes it a light layer suitable for use over any sleeping bag in any room temperature. The Butterfly Cardi features unique arm pockets to create a sense of containment, the feeling your baby will be used to from swaddling. By gently releasing one arm out of the swaddle at a time and into the pocket, you will be easing your baby to sleep fully arms-out over a period of 10 days, helping them get used to the new sensation as you go. With their arms inside the pocket, your baby will also have access to their hands for self-soothing. For babies who may still have a strong startle reflex, the press studs can be adjusted to make a firmer fit around your baby’s torso. Read full How-to-use instructions here. The super stretch in all directions will ensure your baby remains comfortable and allow for full chest expansion when breathing. The position of the Butterfly Cardi on the body will not interrupt the natural sleeping position for healthy hip joint development. Made with our signature premium GOTS certified organic jersey cotton. Natural fibres are better for sleeping for the simple reason they are breathable, and help your little one regulate their temperature overnight. Our certified organic fibres are also skin-friendly and sensitive on eczema and dry skin conditions. All ergoPouch fabrics are dyed with non-toxic water based dyes. Not to be used as an alternative for swaddling. Material: Fabric: 95% Organic Cotton / 5% Elastane Washing instructions: Gentle cold wash, Low tumble dry, Moderately Hot Iron, Drycleanable, Do not use bleach-based stain removers on the garment

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Dimensions 19 × 2 × 25 cm

23 reviews for ergoPouch – Butterfly Cardi – Oatmeal 0.2 TOG 0-3m

  1. Anonymous

    It was time to stop swaddling my baby as she was 4 months old and was showing signs of rolling. We had previously attempted to do one arm out without the butterfly cardi and it was a nightmare- she was waking every 10 minutes. I was desperate and purchased the butterfly cardi. We followed the guide but took a few days extra on each step as my bub was taking a little longer to get used to it. She now has her arms out and in perfect time for her to start rolling. I wish we had tried this sooner, it would’ve saved a couple of sleepless nights!

  2. Daisy

    Perfect option for our baby who doesn’t like to have their hands in a swaddle, as she likes her arms out. It’s easy to put on and easy to wash and dry.

  3. Anonymous

    I found this really helped my baby sleep longer, especially at night. She’s now sleeping 10hrs overnight. Not sure why or how, but my baby has worked out how to take her hands out of the cardi. This is a little frustrating as she tends to wake herself up. Other than that, overall great product.

  4. Grace M.

    Great for transitioning babe out of swaddling and cocoon sleeping bag.

  5. Anonymous

    I tried this with my 3 month old and when he lifted his arms up the fabric covered his nose and mouth. I would not recommend using this at night as it seems unsafe.

  6. Tabitha J.

    I had a baby with purple crying that Screamed 7 hours a day and this is the only tool that helped him stay asleep . If your looking for arms out transition solution make sure you order 10 of these! Will recommend it to everyone I know with a baby

  7. Jennifer H.

    Lovely soft little cardi to make transition to arms-out smoother

  8. Kat D.

    Love this add on to the sleeping bag. Makes the cocoon bags more roomy and helps transition to arms free easily.

  9. Louise D.

    The Butterfly Cardi has literally changed our sleeping journey. We’ve gone quickly from waking in the night to sleeping through for 10 hours – and this is absolutely testament to the Cardi! So much so, we are buying a second so we are never without!

  10. Lilian T.

    Such a great idea to make the sleeping bag more versatile. The wings are a bit loose on my 2 month old when compared with the Love 2 Dream fit but I think it is better as my baby’s startle reflex is not that bad and this looks more comfortable for her

  11. Claudia F.

    I really like the cardi but I expected the quality to be better after few times I used it with my baby there was a hole already next to one of the buttons

  12. Georgina S.

    Helped so much as we transitioned to arms out sleeping and and so my daughter wouldn’t wake due to startle reflex, also nice soft material that doesn’t add too much heat so great to go over the top of her sleep bags.

  13. Morgan J.

    Helped my bub transition out of arms down to arms out slowly, saved our sleep!

  14. Sean G.

    But it really helps with our little one. Stops her knocking her dummy out during the first 5mins while she needs it to get off. Buy 2 though, as they tend to need washing pretty quick.

  15. Anonymous

    My twin girls have been using the ergo pouch for swaddling since newborns, but now they’re 4 months we’re using the butterfly cardi to help them transition from their swaddles, the cardis definitely help their remaining startle reflexes which are nearly gone but often wakes them up! Plus they’re starting to love sleeping with their arms up so they’re really comfy! Thanks 🙂

  16. Tessa S.

    I was nervous about the transition from swaddle to pouch, but didnt need to be! Our 4-month-old took a couple of naps to get used to being able to move his arms (in a limited way) and within a couple of days was happily sleeping with it with his arms tucked into the wings and his hands by his face. We started with the snug fit then moved to the looser fit. Because he can still reach his face and rub his eyes or suck on his hands, I am confident about having his arms out, which we will try very soon.

  17. Jodie C.

    Was prefect for training arms out. We followed the guide on the packaging with an added step as our bub was swaddled arms down! She is now completely free armed

  18. Clare S.

    Great product! Has really added value to the cocoon swaddled and sleeping bags I already have. My 3 month old will transition to arms out in the next few weeks so this item will really prove its worth then. Very happy will all my ErgoPouch products.

  19. Joanne K.

    Can’t go a night without the butterfly card I for my flailing arms bubba. Easy to use and effective!

  20. Simone H.

    Good for transitioning, just doesnt fit my bub perfectly but can see it would fit most well

  21. Anne-Marie J.

    Perfect for that stage where baby is too big for swaddles but still startles awake

  22. Renata D.

    Quality is great. Fabric is soft and Material is reliable. Extremely recommended and easy to wear with pants in winter instead of sleeping bags only.

  23. Gemma S.

    The cardi is stretchy and soft. The buttons allow for two levels of tightness depending on how strong your babies Moro reflex is. Allows baby to sleep in the arms-up position and then transition out. Unfortunately my baby was too used to being swaddled with his arms pinned down at his sides, so found arms up too frustrating. We are still trying to figure out how to contain our reflexy little guy!

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