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ergoPouch – Sleep Onesie – Daisies 3.5 TOG

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The Sleep Onesie is a TOG-rated sleeping bag alternative, designed to be worn on its own during sleep or with a Layer/PJs underneath for warmth and comfort. These are the perfect option for toddlers or preschoolers transitioning into a big bed, sleep walkers, kids who kick off their blankets, or little starfish who don’t like the restriction of a sleeping bag.


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The Sleep Onesie is a TOG-rated sleeping bag alternative, designed to be worn on its own during sleep or with a Layer/PJs underneath for warmth and comfort. These are the perfect option for toddlers or preschoolers transitioning into a big bed, sleep walkers, kids who kick off their blankets, or little starfish who don’t like the restriction of a sleeping bag. The Sleep Onesie is made from and filled with GOTS certified organic cotton that is non-toxic and gentle on irritable skin. The strethcy material allows your little one to move freely and stay comfortable for sleep. The 3-way zip confirguration is helpful for overnight nappy changes or toilet trips, and foot cuffs add extra warmth for little toes.
The 3.5 TOG Sleep Onesie is perfect for keeping a child warm overnight in rooms 14-21°C / 57-70°F. The TOG rating means there is no need for additional blankets in the cot when using this product, making it a safe-sleep option. For older toddler and preschoolers who are ‘blanket-training’ in a big bed, the TOG rating will help keep them warm if they kick the blankets off during sleep. If using a 2.5 TOG or 3.5 TOG for blanket traning, we suggest a light blanket on top to prevent overheating. Parents can follow the FREE room thermometer and What to Wear guide provided with the product, to layer appropriately underneath to keep their child warm. We recommend pairing this pouch with one of our TOG-rated Layers, Bodywear or Pyjama’s underneath (sold separately), and you can also wear a pair of socks for extra foot warmth on chilly nights.

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12-24m, 2-3Year, 4-5Year

25 reviews for ergoPouch – Sleep Onesie – Daisies 3.5 TOG

  1. Jennifer

    i love this item! So does my 19 month old who made an easy transition with this onsie and I’m not worried about him being cold 🙂

  2. Stacey

    Love this sleep onesie! We transitioned from the sleep bag to the sleep onesie. It’s great that our daughter can now walk around freely in her sleep onesie before bed and in the morning without fear of her tripping up. Keeps her nice and warm during the night. Love the duck pattern too 💙

  3. Anonymous

    We purchased this for our 1.5 year old at the time a little bigger for him so it would last longer. A year later it has survived many washes, easy to get stains out (did get dark blue), zipper is still going strong, and still cozy for him. We only purchased one so we literally use this every single night and when he’s home during nap time on weekends he uses it then too. Looking at getting another one soon as my boy has a long torso. I have gotten other ones previous to this off Amazon and zipper and material did not hold up like this has for us.

  4. Hannah

    Brilliant purchase. Speedy delivery. My little one is a wriggler and a duvet comes off within minutes so this is perfect and will help with the transition smoothly without having to worry about him being cold. Thank you.

  5. Suzie H.

    Love this sleepsuit, my toddler looks so cute in it, and it keeps her warm and snug. Well made and easy to get on and off, I’ll definitely be buying more.

  6. Iva

    Great product, a must have for babies/ toddlers for a safe and warm night sleep.

  7. Jade

    I’m so glad that Ergo Pouch makes these in size 4 to 6. They’re so cosy and comfy and perfect for my son who is a wriggler and doesn’t stay under the doona.

  8. Anonymous

    I love the design of this onesie and my son loves it too, however two stars deducted as the sewing of the seams and the lines along the torso are not finished well so the threads have already come apart after wearing it once. My son is 90cm and with his feet enclosed he just fits so it runs a little small.

  9. Bree

    We’ve been very happy with this sleep suit, however, would revert back to the sleep suit “onesie” with a more functional leg

  10. Lydia

    We bought 2 of these onesies and absolutely love them – the perfect step up from a sleeping bag for a toddler who likes to move. Super toasty, the 2-3Y size will fit for 2 winters.

  11. Darja

    I have reached out to the customer service three Times about the stitching coming off after one wash only and they have yet to get back to me. It’s a handy product for a busy toddler but the quality seems to be poor.

  12. EMILY

    Super cozy sleeper onsie for toddlers! High quality cotton and cute design

  13. Julia

    The perfect sleep suit. It made transitioning from the swaddle a breeze!

  14. Rebecca

    Amazing suit! Would recommend to every parent!! My baby sleeps so well wearing it

  15. Alana

    Always good! Have been using these since my little one was a baby. Worth every cent!

  16. Kirsty

    Still waiting a response! But since can email asking for review will voice here

  17. Lauren

    Perfect for the winter would highly recommend. Good to walk in

  18. Jessica

    Great quality, cute design, toddler loves it, wants tonwear all the time.

  19. Britta

    These PJs are the perfect weight and are incredibly soft. We bought two pairs for our twins but currently they only fit our son who is the larger of the two. I’m thrilled they will be able to wear these for a long time!

  20. Teliah

    Love using this onesie for my then 6 month old (When purchased). Only downside is the cuffs around the wrists are very tight and don’t allow much room to be able to pull their other long sleeve suit down so it’s not bunched up. This would be great if the cuffs were like the “arm warmers” Ergopouch product. They are stretchy and not tight at all. I dont know if my daughter will continue to fit this until 12m as recommended as its getting snug at 8 months.

  21. Anonymous

    I purchased one of these for my son. It is a struggle trying to get this on. The elastic at the bottom is very tight trying to get it over his feet. I’ve purchased other ones that are much more comfortable putting on and off. I would not recommend this.

  22. Anonymous

    I bought 2 sleep onesies for My toddler son and was so excited when I receive them. The sage one is PERFECTION! Love it! However the hedgehog(navy) one is not so good, threads come off after 1 delicate cycle..not sure if the fillings will be displaced after some time.

  23. Anonymous

    I like the product; warm and functional. It was as I had expected. I am happy I purchased this. However, after only two washes, some of the threading are unraveling already (around zipper and main body).

  24. Samantha

    My son typically prefers sleepers with legs over the sacks and this one keeps him warm and mobile!

  25. Motola

    Really nice and good quality product. Would recommend.

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