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MuslinZ Bamboo Cotton Terry Wipes

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MuslinZ Bamboo Cotton Terry Squares. Made from 50% bamboo, 50% cotton, 20cm, Machine Washable 40°C – Prewash Before Use.


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30 reviews for MuslinZ Bamboo Cotton Terry Wipes

  1. Amazon Customer

    I love these for my baby, they are so soft, wash well and dry really quickly. We use them for everything! Drying hair, drying the face or body! Highly recommend and wish they did smaller sizes too!

  2. SueB-won Kenobi

    I’m a funny so and so 🙂 and use a flannel once, then wash…which means I need quite a few in ‘stock’. These looked the ticket and they have proved to be so good, I’ve ordered a second pack Beautifully soft, they are just the thing for face or body. Really great for gently but effectively removing makeup. They happily go in the wash time and again and are as good as new. I’ve also used them to clean the bathroom and kitchen, and get a fabulous shine on mirrors, porcelain or chrome

  3. Mrs C Nunney

    I got these for cleansing/make up removal and for me they are perfect for this. I usually have normal face flannels but these are much better, smaller but big enough, efficient at cleansing but soft. Have washed a few times and and so far have retained shape and softness, still as new. Would definitely buy again and recommend but that said as so many in pack shouldn’t need any more for a while even using a clean one each day.

  4. Patrician

    I saw these as recommended for baby wipes, but it occurred to me they might be a good alternative to a normal face flannel. I like them so much I ordered a second pack. They are soft, super-absorbent & being smaller & less thick than a normal flannel are very effective, pleasant to use, very easy to wring out & easy to wash & dry. That, & the number supplied means each one needs only be used once or twice, which makes for better hygiene during the current pandemic.

  5. MEG

    I bought these as an option for single use drying of the hands in our downstairs loo for when we have guests (covid friendly). I wish they were a little bit larger but in general do the job. Hand towels would be too big. I will order another dozen.

  6. tracey fae

    I came across these by accident after searching for reusable face wipes. They’re actually marketed as baby wipes, but people use them for so much more. You’re advised to wash them before use, and I tumbled dried them too. They do shrink a little, but it doesn’t detract from use.

  7. Discerning Consumer

    These towels are absorbent, feel luxuriously soft and they wash well. What I like most is the niche compact size of 20 x 20cm, still large enough to be functional and not as space invading as the typical 30 x 30cm face cloth, great for home use and for travel. Would be even better if there is a hanging hook but I guess this will only bump up production cost.

  8. Ithink

    I decided to go for these muslins to use to make my own wet wipes for the baby after watching the BBC’s War On Plastic programme. I have been using them for 2 weeks now and have found the switch to be easy so far. The muslins themselves are excellent quality, very soft and have washed really well so far and have not shrunk or become out of shape.

  9. Janet lawton

    I really like these wipes , soft & easy to use , stains come off easily in the wash .. I only use thirds wipes for hand & face but already saved a lot of waste not buying disposable wipes .. also handy to use after hands & face to clean the high chair tray etc in one go ..

  10. Miss Y.

    I brought these for cleaning my baby daughter’s face with when she turned one fwith bigger face 😂) to replace her cheeky wipe face cloths. These are perfect size for the job! Also very soft and adsorbent! We have used them for around 2 months now with a lot of washes, they remain reasonable soft and adsorbent as ever.

  11. Emily Ivanova

    These have been a huge success. We bought them to use instead of wet wipes for nappy changes, mainly for the environment’s sake. We tried a few types of normal wet wipes as well as biodegradable after getting a shock at the amount we were going through on a daily basis. So we switched to these and I must say they clean miles better than any other type.

  12. Paula Nanson

    Bought these as dishcloths. They do the job marvellously and wash beautifully. Great purchase.

  13. Diana

    Good for face washing etc. good amount per pack.

  14. Constance

    Have been using these whilst weaning my baby! Clean up his face and hands nicely and then just throw in the washing machine for the next wash!# Have washed and reused a lot and so far still holding up well, will probably buy another packet!

  15. Ms A H Tate

    I bought these for use with a well known high end cleansing balm, as I wash them after every use and so you need more than the one provided in the pack. They’re attractive enough when they arrive, a clean light cream colour, with interlocked edges. There is a very large care label which is a bit intrusive, but this is easily cut off, and this doesn’t affect the integrity of the cloth.

  16. Sunshine

    I bought these to use instead of baby wipes for face wipes and nappy changes. Much softer than baby wipes ! Prefer using. I’ve used half for face wipes and half for bum wipes I know the difference as I’ve cut off the tags for face wipes. I bought muslins from this company too which are still going strong two years later..!

  17. Alex

    Really nice soft cloths with good absorbancy. Have held up really well after washing and still nice and soft even without a tumble drier. Used with cloth solution for messy baby

  18. Becky

    I bought this item as I did not want to continue using disposable baby wipes. It works well enough, although I have noted more staining after washing in comparison to the reusable nappies I have, so I am very glad that I didn’t buy the white version of these wipes. I have been using for around 6 weeks and whilst the majority of the wipes are still in good condition, several are starting to fray very badly around the edges, so they are not as durable as I would have expected.

  19. Zoe

    Absolutely fab for cleansing and toning. Quite big so typically use half for morning and half for evening which saves on how often you need to wash. Seem to wash really well! Some fabric fallout when brand new but after first wash doesn’t seem to be a reocurance.

  20. Rony

    Using those as a toilet wipes for my little one. Great to use, they wash well and my daughter likes using them. Trying to reduce use of toilet paper and this is a great product to start with.

  21. Hayley Stanbrook

    Have bought 2 sets of these now, great for bathing the baby as they’re very soft and they stay soft after washing machine. Would be nice if they came in more attractive colour but fit for purpose.

  22. Alison Perkins

    Holding up so far, been used for wiping hands and face when weaning ( food gets everywhere) And also we use them for wiping her bum at nappy changes

  23. Ms. Spender

    I’ve bought these once and they will last years. I use them to dry my face once I’ve washed it, to remove make up and to clean my bathroom! You need a really strong stain remover when you put them in the washing machine and even then make up stains dont always come out but if you rub them under the tap as soon as you’ve used them then this stops that happening. However – use these instead of cotton pads for eco living.

  24. K Evans

    I like these but one was frayed in the corner when I got them. I also didn’t like the big synthetic tags on them so I cut them all off. We use them for wiping up wee puddles and drying our babies bottom after water wipes. Not used them for wiping poo yet though.

  25. Friederike Martini

    Bought for new baby instead of baby wipes. Great for cleaning face, body and cleaning baby poop. Wash well. change shape a bit but still 2 years later great.

  26. dominique123456

    Absorbent, good size, soft. Will be buying more.

  27. Lisa Pearson-Carr

    These are lovely. I’ve used them for faces, in the shower and for the occasional bum clean up (my kids are all in pants with just the odd mishap). I love that there are so many so there’s not a shortage if they get messy. They can be used once and thrown in the wash. They are very very soft.

  28. Kimberley

    I purchased these to clean the wrinkles on my Pups face, they do the job well both cleaning and drying. Not the best quality but worth the price.

  29. PootleGirl

    I bought these so we had extra cloths to help us keep things clean during Covid times. They are nice and thick, great absorbancy and so far are washing really well, with just a small amount of shrinkage, which is to be expected. Would definitely buy again.

  30. cassie88

    Absorbent and endlessly useful, good to keep in every pocket to mop up dribble and cover little boys while changing nappy. I bought these intending to use as wet wipes but I find them more useful dry as mini muslin type dribble catchers.

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