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Nanit Pro Baby Monitor + Floor Stand Gen2

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Nanit’s award-winning, cutting-edge Nanit Pro Camera tracks
baby’s movements, delivering parents a crystal-clear picture of
almost everything that happens in and around the cot, while
patented technology analyzes their sleep patterns to give
parents personalised tips and expert coaching that improves
sleep quality.
The result? Better nights (and days) for the whole family.
Want a clear view of your baby at every stage? The Floor Stand
has a free-standing and a wall-leaning mode, so you have the
freedom to reposition it over nearly any baby sleep space
(we’re talking bassinet now, cot later).
Nanit captures your baby’s nest moments and milestones
automatically in our app. Celebrate their growth eevery step of
the way and share with loved ones.
The breathing wear bands comes boxed as standard, as with it
your Nanit can see your baby’s chest as they breathe. Get real
time alertsif hey need you, and feel


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Nanit’s award-winning, cutting-edge Nanit Pro Camera tracks baby’s movements, delivering parents a crystal-clear picture of almost everything that happens in and around the cot, while patented technology analyzes their sleep patterns to give parents personalised tips and expert coaching that improves sleep quality. The result? Better nights (and days) for the whole family. Your Nanit camera captures your baby’s nest moments automatically right in our app. So you can celebrate fun moments and growth milestones every step of the way, and share with loved ones. Plus, Nanit is the only monitor on the market that is ASTMcerti ed to be safely positioned within 3 feet of the cot due to our cord cover. We know parents are busy, that’s why we created our Wall Mount with a built-in level to make installation a breeze. With your wide-angle Pro Camera rmly mounted to the wall, you can rest easy knowing that it sees nearly everything in and around the cot, giving a full birds eye view of your baby.

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Weight 5.12 kg
Dimensions 38.49 × 47.5 × 22.99 cm

85 reviews for Nanit Pro Baby Monitor + Floor Stand Gen2

  1. Julia

    Love our nanit! We brought it on a family vacation, leaving our Owlet monitor at home. I have to say we like the nanit much better and will be switching when we get back!! I love how easy it is to save moments and how it keeps track of events throughout the night.

  2. Jordan B.


  3. Sidney

    This review has been two years in the making. I’ve had a Nanit ever since my daughter was born and it has been a life saver. As a first time father, it has helped decrease my anxiety knowing that I can check the monitor any time I need. This has helped with my sleep significantly. I loved the Insights and Memories features while I had the subscription (I really miss the features). Now my kid is two years old and I still love using it to help me every night. I was lucky enough to get this as a gift, but I would be happy to buy one again. This is great for first time parents, as well as for those who have had kids before.

  4. Rachel

    We are absolutely loving our nanit. We had a cheaper monitor that ended up breaking after 14 months so we decided to invest in this one instead. We wish we had it from the beginning! We love all of the features and how easy it was to set up!

  5. Rebecca E.

    I have a peace of mind when I’m at work because I’m constantly checking on my little one and getting notifications from Nanit . Best camera ever !!

  6. Sarah R.

    Absolutely love the ease of use changing locations!

  7. Nicole R.

    Camera quality itself is great as well as setup and design. Only annoying thing is having to pay extra to enjoy all the features of the camera. The camera is already more expensive than its competitors, so there’s not much insentive to choose Nanit over Owlet.

  8. Dorn W.

    A huge improvement over the previous baby monitor we had. Picture, even at night, is quite clear. The microphone on the Nanit is a bit sensitive; picks up a substantial amount of sounds either inside or outside. When adjusting camera for best view, is a bit too touchy for my liking.

  9. Lena S.

    I love our nanit! Helps us watch our little guy all night and listen even while our devices are locked.

  10. Sherry J.

    I value the Nanit as it gives me a piece of mind as we welcomed our little one home from the NICU. The technology is pretty awesome and it gives lots of notifications for everything in range of the Nanit or baby’s sleeping area. We purchased the Nanit pro with the stand and I am happy we did. Thanks!

  11. ANDREW D.

    Very satisfied

  12. Emily W.

    No lag and Versatile

  13. Donish N.

    Good, occasionally detects motion when nothing happens

  14. Andrea S.

    It’s a MUST have! We have used ours from newborn days up until now that he is a toddler and quite frankly we do not plan on stopping. We’ve transition from a crib to a floor bed and the camera has been nothing but amazing, keeping me updated on his sleep his breathing! It’s honestly just a great way to keep us mamas calm since we always want our babies near us

  15. Ashley F.

    Very high quality camera. Love all the features it has to offer.

  16. Doug T.

    The most important factors are done very well—picture is high quality, sound and motion detection are accurate, and there are a lot of good software features/options. Have not been able to try monitoring breathing yet. The memories plan (saving videos) is expensive relative to the cost of cloud storage, feels like a money grab as far as value.

  17. Patricia

    I should have read more reviews before purchasing. I was generally happy with the monitor. Through the first year, the breathing monitoring is really what sold me and it did provide good piece of mind. We did run into issues of the app not working multiple times for extended periods – often in the middle of the night which was frustrating, it was not a wifi issue, that camera would just not load.

  18. Ingrid F.

    The Nanit gives me peace of mind, especially when my child was an infant. I loved being able to check on my baby’s breathing. I’ve just ordered one for my second child.

  19. Shey

    We used different baby monitors but they kept losing signal. We ended up with Nanit Pro Camera after doing a lot of research and we have never experienced that issue again. It’s the best baby camera on the market.

  20. Greg B.

    It’s great. I like all of the options

  21. Jay H.

    Extremely helpful all around

  22. Wael s.

    I don’t see it has a good quality camera. I expected to be better.

  23. Qn E.

    Absolutely love everything about our nanit system. Gives me the peace of mind to sleep some nights and keeps track of growth/milestones!

  24. Emily H.

    We love our camera

  25. Abby M.

    Incredible features, great battery life, easy to set up, modern look. Durable and great quality. I am buying this a second time for my second son.

  26. H46409

    I watch my grand child and my daughter has Nanit so I got the app. It’s easy to use and provides monitoring while she sleeps. I think it’s a great tool and an upgrade to the old monitors we used when my daughter was a child. I recommend.

  27. Lindsey

    Works perfect for the Nannit! Connects easily so you can switch from the wall mount, to the floor stand or this one. Someone got us the wall mount camera and we didn’t realize—this makes it portable and usable.

  28. Cara D.

    We have been very happy with the nanit so far!

  29. BigBen

    Performs perfectly. Easy to configure to use to optimize to customize you name it. People behind this are next level smart.

  30. Hvhlacross.

    So great to have real time!

  31. Twalt7

    Nanit has been such an amazing! The picture quality is great, the sleep tracking is so great especially when we transitioned to the crib. I absolutely love that as a working momma I can see my baby during his naps at home easily from my phone. There are so many great things about the Nanit it is absolutely one of our favorite purchases out of all the baby items we got. As first time parents it’s difficult sometimes to know what to get so I’m telling you the Nanit is well worth it!

  32. Jmm1227

    I love the functionality and user friendly set up of Nanit. I’ve had one for four years and no real issues. My main gripe is that the temp gauge doesn’t work that well and I also hate paying for a new insights subscription every year. My oldest just turnes four and I’ve decided not to renew. It’s not worth it at his age. The “memories” are great but I’m OK with not knowing exactly how long he was asleep.

  33. Casey M.

    When it is working, the app is amazing! It does a great job tracking my little ones breathing and sleeping. However it does have some connectivity issues. Our wifi is strong throughout our house and no other devices have issues. About once a week, the app will say that it cannot connect. It often fixes itself after a few minutes to a few hours. You can also force it to correct by unplugging and replugging the camera.

  34. Lisa5692

    Love it!

  35. Tomaszzaj

    Good camera

  36. Matt E.

    Honestly we had this and then decided to go more basic but ended up going back to this because it’s so awesome. We use an old iPad and a small stand we bought from Amazon as the monitor when we are downstairs and it works perfectly to help save battery life on our phones from running the app for that long

  37. Bernadette

    We have the Nanit Floor Stand over our baby’s bassinet, but needed an alternative that would allow us to move the camera to other rooms or take with us on travel. The Flex Multi-Stand has provided us that flexibility, while being compact and easy to use. Highly recommend for anyone with a Nanit camera

  38. Roll N.

    I love it! I can check on her anytime she’s in her crib and enjoy watching my children lovingly care for her. A wonderful intimate experience.

  39. Stephanie

    We have enjoyed this camera for 2 years and it works so well.

  40. Alex V.

    Nanit is hands down the best. I will fight you. K thanks.

  41. Julie C.

    Love love love nanit!

  42. Andrew R.

    Camera, breathing band and app work great, very pleased. Highly recommend for other parents! Also I found better discounts and package deals. Buying it straight from Nanit’s website.

  43. Gabriella

    I overall love the benefits of nanit, including the live feed camera and breathing monitoring. There are some glitches with the app performance, but still worth it.

  44. Shubham V

    I bought this item recently and was sent an open box item. After I reached to support the experience was terrible not only I have to pay for shipping to send the product back to them but also the customer support is not helpful and just a joke. No Nanit support available directly and you have to reach Brandon Motion (who are they and how they are releated?)

  45. Osasumwen

    I bought this for a friends as a gift and she loves that she is able to move it around and also monitor where ever baby is.

  46. Vance35

    I love it! It allows me to peak in on my baby when I need too and alerts me for any motion or crying.

  47. Richard H.

    Purchased as a gift for family

  48. Lerrie C.

    It’s very good

  49. Gabestud

    Def worth the money

  50. Fernando

    Best experience ever.

  51. Hammonds4

    Love the app but find it ridiculous that after paying $500 for a camera, I still don’t have access to certain insights and features because I don’t pay for a subscription. You’d have many more loyal customers to ditch the subscription and do right by your parents!

  52. Mallory H.

    I absolutely love this monitor. The picture is great as is the sound. I get notifications anytime there is a slight movement or noise too. It was well worth the money.

  53. God~Fearin

    I love how the baby monitor sends notifications to your phone if it detects movement. I like this monitor so much, and definitely recommend it.

  54. Jacqueline

    We love our Nanit. We originally bought one in 2022, and have since purchased a second one for our second baby. We’ve had almost no connectivity issues, we love the sound and nightlight features, but mainly we have used it for the breathing monitor function for our babies when they were little. This gave us real peace of mind that our babies were safe and sound, which is great for my anxiety. We’ve only had a couple of false alarms when my eldest was able to remove the breathing band.

  55. diane A.

    Good camera- for the price I would’ve liked to have “add on subscriptions” included. Shouldn’t have to pay $300 for the camera and another $150 for a subscription.

  56. Stephanie

    The camera has a wonderful high quality view of the crib area. We really also appreciate the 256-bit encryption of the data that is captured, as data privacy is a value of ours. The camera is fairly accurate with capturing the live view; we did notice there’s a few minute delay in the status update on the screen though. Overall, we are really satisfied with this camera and the ease of use, setup, and integration with the mobile app

  57. Ashley

    Makes using your Nanit in other rooms easier but pricey for what it is.

  58. Mahshid

    The best ever

  59. Kristen M.

    No more insights but I guess that’s to be expected since it’s across the room vs directly over the crib. Overall a great product to compliment the transition to the toddler bed.

  60. Carol H.

    Very good quality video

  61. Brandon B.

    I really do love this camera. From a hardware and software front, they really knocked it out of the park. The installation instructions were very well thought out, and all potentially required hardware was included. The finished product looks and functions great.

  62. Alexa R.

    We’ve been sleeping so much better since getting the Nanit and sleep band. We can go to sleep with confidence that it will alert us if we’re needed. I already made sure my sister has it on her registry and highly recommend.

  63. Benjamin

    I am so far done with Nanit and their support. Let’s start doing some math: $250 camera and mount, another $200-$300 in accessories the first time (additional breathing wear), then my wife spent additional money on breathing wear. Now every single package we have says 1 year of insights is included with the camera. The website and app showed it would expire in September 2024, we activated the camera in March 2024 right before our daughter was born. I reach out to support as the 1 year is supposed to be included for the insight sleep plan.

  64. ashley l.

    Super clear picture, the app is such an asset on the phone. Split screen feature is my favorite so you can always see what’s going on, including the multiuser setting so my husband can use too. Setup was extremely quick and simple. Already so impressed with this camera. There are nightlight settings and sound settings that are incredible as well from a simple click on the app

  65. Amazon C.

    Easy setup and great product

  66. Ben H.

    Perfect addition! Perfect addition!

  67. Kim P.

    Very good

  68. Zach S.

    This monitor is an absolute must. Great that I can clearly see baby wherever I’m at even when I’m not home. The sound sensitivity is also pretty awesome.

  69. Asad K.

    I absolutely love my Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor! The 1080p video quality is crystal clear, allowing me to keep a close eye on my little one day and night. The sensor-free sleep and breathing motion tracker provides me with peace of mind, and the 2-way audio lets me comfort my baby from anywhere in the house. The sound and motion alerts are incredibly helpful, ensuring I never miss a moment. Plus, the night vision feature ensures I can see my baby even in the darkest of rooms.

  70. Christine

    We have enjoyed using Nanit to monitor our new baby. The best feature is being able to monitor her from each of our separate smart phones. I also like the sound alerts in the situation I forget to put the monitor on

  71. Nicole S.

    Best purchase I’ve ever made I love being able to track my little girls activity all night

  72. Miguel F.

    The Nanit pro floor stand is great and has helped with peace of mind

  73. Sierra S.

    Love the sleep analytics, it’s so easy to use and the camera is portable should you need to go anywhere. I love my Nanit! So easy to track sleep day and night. Love love love!

  74. Selena G.

    Love my camera! Expected better quality though.

  75. Ryan

    The camera quality is exceptional and the fact that you can use multiple cameras with a split screen is very helpful. With out twins we were able to simply use one cameras which was able to cover both twins. You don’t need the subscription after all save some money and just do the basic monitoring. We loved the fact that you have the temp and audio playback with motion. It really does give you peace of mind. With that said there are some very interesting aspects of the installation which are not talked about that I would highly highly look into.

  76. Julia L.

    Incredible product

  77. Eas1480

    Love this. It’s amazing. Can see my son from wherever we are

  78. Kadie

    We needed a new baby monitor and I love this one! I love how it is it set and comes with so many useful things! Works great as well!

  79. Gaby G.

    It gives me peace of mind to be able to check on my baby anywhere I go.

  80. M

    Gave this monitor to my Nephew and his wife for a baby shower. It was a hit with all who have used your baby monitor in the past. Thank you for such a great product.

  81. Sweetnan23

    I purchased this monitor for my brother and sister in law, who is expecting a baby. Based on the reviews this one is the best monitor!

  82. Barti27

    Fantastic for keeping track of how your child sleeps

  83. Azs M.

    We received this monitor as a baby shower gift for our 3rd baby. We have loved it! I love the ability to have to only carry my phone and not a monitor also. I also love being able to check on baby if not at home. The breathing feature puts my mind at ease at night. Definitely costly but worth every penny!

  84. Hamadski

    Every feature is useful in this device. The firmware get updated often but not too often resulting in better overall performance

  85. Amazon C.

    Hands down, this was the best purchase we made for baby items. High quality video, ease of use, cool features and ease of mind! I love seeing my baby is breathing on phone in the middle of the night. It’s more pricy, but worth every penny!

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