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Hottea Mama | Organic Morning Rescue Herbal Tea

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This organic blend of uplifting, anti-inflammatory herbs can lift any morning, and ease morning sickness.


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Organic Morning Rescue is designed to support happy tummies, with whole herbs that have been shown to reduce nausea in studies and also be safe for pregnancy. Whole ginger root, lemon grass, lemonbalm, lemon verbena and African mint can help soothe both sickness and heart burn. You can sip to soothe your symptoms. Each tea bag can make 2 cups of tea – don’t throw the bag away, rewbrew it! All packaging is biodegradable – pop your used tea bags and bag from inside the box in your food compost bin when you’re finished.

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18 reviews for Hottea Mama | Organic Morning Rescue Herbal Tea

  1. Alice

    I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and as soon as I wake up the nausea kicks in. Hot Mama Tea is the only hot drinks I can stomach apart from a peppermint brew and I’m so grateful to have something first thing to just wake me up and ease that feeling. The flavour really does taste lovely.

  2. Sarah C

    I bought this for my daughter who tells me she is really enjoying this as an alternative to tea.

  3. unknown

    Nice smell and easing on the tummy

  4. Hayley

    The most delicious and fantastic tea, actually making me feel hunan again and able to function through the nausea!

  5. Rachael Barrett

    I had initially been put off Morning Rescue by the ginger as I am not a massive fan of ginger and find it really overpowering BUT this tea is absolutely gorgeous. It’s so refreshing and the blend of ginger root, lemongrass, lemon and mint is lovely. This one will definitely be hitting the normal rotation and I’m slightly annoyed I didn’t try it sooner!

  6. Kirsty T

    I’m really sad that I didn’t find this tea during my earlier stages of pregnancy as I was constantly feeling sick, which put me off eating. I do feel that this could of helped with that. But, I have found it now and I have put off getting it as I’m in my 3rd trimester and felt it wouldn’t be any use to me, but learning you can have it any stage, I had to give it a try. Not over powering or overbearing, it’s a lovely, gentle citrusy tea that gives you that wonderful zing in the morning

  7. Sara

    Love this tea – I had horrendous nausea (still do a little) and it really helps get something into me and quieten it all down. Tastes wonderful. I prefer it in the mornings and it is now part of my happy routine as the lemon verbana just makes you want to wake up and I still love my turmeric latte but there was no chance of drinking that in the mornings! Morning-saver.

  8. Ali

    I am newly pregnant and being scared by all the stuff on the internet! I messaged on Instagram to ask about the ingredients in this tea and I was so reassured!! Extremely knowledgeable, put my mind at rest and really eased the mind of this mama to be! This company knows what they’re doing, cares about their customers and is worth every penny. Helped with the nausea and made giving up my coffee a bit more bearable! Thank you!

  9. Kate

    This made such a difference at all times of day. A real relief to have something nice to drink. I’ve lived off Morning Rescue and dry biscuits.

  10. Denise Coutinho

    This tea is super delicious 😋 love to have it trough out the day. Keeps my energy levels up and helped a lot with the nausea.

  11. Becky

    Absolutely love this tea, it’s my go to in the morning to perk up while my son terrorises me.

  12. Ben and Mairi

    Delicious! Really loving the ginger-iness and lemongrass tang. Finally a great caffeine-free pick-me-up!

  13. Beth

    I only discovered HotTea MaMa later on in pregnancy (once the awful morning sickness had stopped!). But the Morning Rescue tea is great for indigestion! It’s so fresh and zingy, and if have a cup in the morning, it settles my tummy for the rest of the day 🙂 highly recommended for later in pregnancy, but I can imagine it would be fab for the early sicky days too!

  14. Amanda

    A delicious way to start the day. Used throughout pregnancy and now I love it first thing on a morning to give me a little caffeine free boost after a broken night’s sleep

  15. Inger Lise

    I do not have “morning” sickness anymore, so not sure if it really does help for that, but it does taste very nice! I am sure though that other lemon and ginger teas from the supermarket would be just as nice though sadly, so for the price, it was not that special for me. I still would want to give it plenty of stars though as it was a great tasting tea!!

  16. Charlotte Sims

    I drank this when i was pregnant and had morning sickness before my daily commute on the train and it saved my life! I had some left over so drank it post partum because i love the taste so much. Recently i had a cold and sore throat and used it as it has anti inflamatory properties and it really helped soothe my throat. Its another one i love to drink cold in the summer over ice

  17. susan Sims

    This pregnancy I have had extreme morning sickness. I really struggled drinking water or keeping much down. This tea has given me a little bit of happiness. I am able to have something that soothes me and makes me feel a bit less meh!! Love love love this tea

  18. H Bayes

    Great pick-me-up tea. Perfect substitute for something caffeine heavy.

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