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Purflo Breathable Cot Bed Mattress

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Our cot mattress was the first product to be created by Purflo. New parents and founders of Purflo designed the mattress after being concerned by the safety of other offerings on the market.

The Purflo cot mattress is hypoallergenic with a specialist fibre padding – Amicor Pure. Amicor is approved by Allergy UK thanks to its allergy reducing properties that have been proven to help prevent the build up of dust mites and allergies such as asthma and eczema.

Designed to have a hollow core combined with a mesh sleep surface, this cot mattress allows free air circulation and is certified air-permeable. Breathability and air flow are essential when creating a safe sleep environment for baby as they provide a thermo-neutral place for baby to rest and sleep. The breathable mesh helps reduce the risk of baby overheating or baby getting too cold and keeps them at a safe and comfortable temperature all year round.

Unlike traditional mattresses, the cover of this cot mattress can be completely removed and washed helping maintain optimum hygiene throughout use and also allows the mattress to be passed on to other future babies. Foam mattresses tend to turn yellow over time, however, the Purflo cot mattress can be washed time and time again keeping it as a good as new forever.

Features and Benefits:

  • Certified as fully air permeable providing a truly breathable sleep surface
  • Unique hollow core and fully breathable mesh comfortably supports your baby or child better than a conventional mattress
  • Thermo-neutral, so that it maintains room temperature so baby doesn’t get too hot or too cold.
  • Hypoallergenic: Amicor Pure™ fibre padding that reduces dust mite build up which can aggravate allergies such as Asthma and Eczema
  • Conforms to the baby’s body and helps to prevent flat head syndrome
  • Suitable for use from birth to 4 years old (or up to 25kg)

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10 reviews for Purflo Breathable Cot Bed Mattress

  1. M R

    I have mixed feelings about this mattress. It is breathable due to being mesh stretched over a metal frame. This is giving me peace of mind now my little one (7 months old) has chosen to sleep face down. However, even though the mattress says it is ok for a much larger child, it already dips in the middle when he is on it. This means it is not flat (as recommended for safety reasons) and he cannot turn over very easily. He is also waking up with the mesh print squashed over his face. It is also worth considering that the instructions say to buy a second cover so that it can be washed and dried weekly.

  2. Jen

    I love this cot mattress! So simple in design to look at but functionally great. Fully breathable so if little one decides to roll over i know they will be safe. Washable! Oh my days a washable mattress, so very very handy for those little accidents! Easy to put together the frame, although recommend 2 people as would be tricky on your own i feel. A great idea, and highly recommended by us.

  3. hilary maloney


  4. F. Cristina

    The mattress is perfect- I think sometimes people have trouble departing from traditional thinking and so, with a mattress that is progressive, innovative and different to the norm, there will always be a select few who don’t like change.It’s easy to assemble, and if you actually follow the instructions, quite easy to assemble. Fits our cot bed perfectly. We’re using a normal cotton sheet on top- no issues there either.Baby sleeps better than in crib. Above all else, however, is peace of mind. It’s hygienic and fully breathable- an extra weapon in the fight against SIDS. And that’s got to be worth every single penny.

  5. Mrs Karen Dean

    my granddaughter approves!!!

  6. Mandy

    Fantastic product – it gave me piece of mind when my son started rolling over in the night and ended up sleeping face down.

  7. marky

    We bought this mattress for our cot bed after it being recommended to us by my brother (who used the cot mattress style for both his children).I feel the negative reviews are unfair and inaccurate. I managed to put the mattress together myself fairly quickly without any problem – did not need any assistance from my husband or anyone else. The mattress is reasonably firm if the cover is tightened properly and it fits our cot bed perfectly. I’d suggest that if there are gaps then there is an issue with the actual cot bed and not mattress.

  8. T. O.

    I was put off by some of the negative reviews here, but having put up the mattress we are incredibly happy. Yes it was a bit fiddly to pop on the frame, and it isn’t like a regular mattress, but the benefits are great. The surface actually has a gentle hammock-like movement to it, which should help sooth baby, but isn’t overly weird. The whole of the cover can be removed for washing and it fits our 140x70cm cot bed perfectly.

  9. Mrs. F. Woodhead

    I bought this mattress after a friend recommended it for my first baby 3.5 years ago.It does look a bit different from the other foam mattresses on the market – but I soon learned that it was such a brilliant product.Its a bit trickey the first time you put it together, however you soon get the hang of it after the second or third time.The mattress has loads of benefits for you and your baby. It is breathable so that the baby doesn’t get too hot and the air flow is always circulated.

  10. tamvan

    I don’t know quite what we expected but, when we finally got round to unpacking this “mattress” five months after the birth of our son (and six months after I’d bought it), my poor partner hadn’t bargained for such a fiddly item.It was relatively straightforward to assemble the frame but a person on their own would struggle to get the fabric cover to fit over it, as it requires a very tight fit. The two of us got there in the end, after much pulling and stretching

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