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Roma Uptown Rider Toddler Seat

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This ride-on board attaches to the side so providing extra space for the parent to walk. Strap your child in the seat and attach the bar to your pushchair. Fits nearly every pram or pushchair as it fits to the handle or chassis.


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Roma Uptown Rider Buggy Board with Seat – 4 Wheels

Comfortable for your toddler and practical for the parent – the Uptown Rider Buggy Board. This ride on board attaches to the side meaning it will provide extra space for the parent to walk. Strap your child in the seat, and attach the bar to your pushchair and away you go! The Uptown Rider will fit to nearly every pram, being that it attaches to the handle or chassis.

Lets take a look at the key features:

Four wheels make for even more stability

Universal buggy board with secure belted seat

Can be used from 12 months up to a maximum weight of 25kg

Eliminates the need for a double pram

Novel steering wheel

Includes seat padding – removable and washable


Weight 6kgs

Maximum child weight 25kg

What is the difference between the 4 Rider & the Uptown Rider ride on boards? 
The Roma 4 Rider attaches to the axle of your pram and your child rides in front of you, whilst the Roma Uptown Rider attaches to the side of your pram chassis so your child rides to the side. Both have 4 wheels for extra stability.

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51 reviews for Roma Uptown Rider Toddler Seat

  1. Mrs. Kimberley J. Barnetson

    I am a Childminder and I needed an extra seat on my double buggy for occasions when I had three children to transport. I looked at triples but really didn’t want to buy one when I already have a fantastic double. I had a similar seat to this about 15 years ago , I think it was called a buggy pod but I really didn’t get on with it, it was clunky and unstable. But the reviews on this seat were good and I found a couple of videos on youtube of people using them which helped. Wel,l I am so glad I invested in it, the seat looks tiny but can easily fit a three or four year old on it if need be, I use it for a large two year old. Having four wheels it is very stable and the steering wheel is a cute addition.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I am a childminder and bought this as it looks great and easy to use. I used it for the first time, instantly it fell with a child in it when I reached a narrow pathway and again going round a slight bend. I had to take the child out and carry her along with pushing a buggy. It is completely unsafe and fit for purpose. Should have never passed quality control. It needs to be a fixed clamp and more safety mechanisms attached to the buggy.

  3. Robyn A.

    I absolutely LOVE this! I was unsure if I’d have enough room to walk normally with the pram with a normal buggy board type style but I seen this and I am so glad I got this because I can literally walk alongside my daughter and push the pram easily! I got this for my 3yo girl to stop me having to chase her around all the time when we’re out and I can honestly say this has been my greatest purchase this year. I turned quite a few heads the other day when I took it out for the first time and even had a couple of other mums stop me to say how cool it is! Absolutely worth every penny.

  4. amy

    Bought this ride on for my toddler, it’s very handy and my toddler loves it, only downside is watch your child. As it topples pretty easily. And that was on a flat surface. It’s very easy to assemble. But the sturdiness I’ll only give 4 stars as it very easily topples. And can cause injury to child.

  5. Katie

    I love the idea of this but it doesn’t work for us. I have a step out of my house so already I can’t get it out my door let alone up and down curbs, into shops and feels unsteady on uneven ground. It’s a shame as my daughter loved it so much but it became a toy they she gets pushed around on without the pushchair. The clips that attach to the pushchair have easy release buttons but getting them tight enough so they don’t move was hard and then very hard to get off again and getting it so the seat is level is tricky

  6. Ann Peters

    This is truly amazing when used correctly used it for the first time and couldn’t have given it better test run on a shopping center on flat smootu ground then outside on to uneven wet ground up and down hill I’m so impressed and my little one loves it

  7. Jamie

    I wish I’d read these reviews before purchasing. This product is so dangerous, it has tipped over with my daughter in it twice now. The first time the surface was slightly uneven so we put it down to that, second time I was in a hospital corridor on and incredibly smooth floor, turned a corner and over it went. Both times she smacked her head so hard but thankfully no serious injury. I have been in touch with Roma and they have completely disregarded my concerns as I was using it attached to a child’s wheelchair rather than a pushchair.

  8. Tayene

    Great quality, exceeded my expectations, I highly recommend, great seller

  9. rosie

    As a childminder I brought this to make school walks easier as my buggy board was getting old. I regret so much spending the money I spent on this. It doesn’t do kerbs, you have to basically lift it up to get up any kerb with even the smallest of steps, unless it is completely flat it doesn’t seem to like it. I have now had two children tip it sideways as it is not very sturdy. One time the child was leaning to the side and another we just went over the slightest bump. It makes the school walk very stressful as your constantly on edge of it tipping or having to lift it.

  10. Csilla F.

    I bought so many buggy boards but so far I can say this is the best!!If you hesitate which one you choose I will say that is the best!!
    1st;2 wheeled by turning the adapter broken after a shortly time
    2nd;not easy to push the pushchair
    3rd;1 wheel one not fit to every push here and to close to the main seat
    4th;this fits perfectly if you have special need pushchair easy to click on/off,turning very easy because 4 wheeled.

  11. Sam

    Nice seat for our oldest simple to assemble push button click. Only thing is it fold up just to the size of small kids suitcase/backpack.

  12. catherine

    I had high hopes for this especially at this price point, firstly the good bits it feels well made if quite heavy and the attachment is super easy to transfer to various strollers, it’s fun for toddlers and you don’t bash your toes like a regular buggyboard BUT it’s not safe and not only do you have to remove the child on curbs, it tipped fully on its side causing my child to hit her head on the pavement when I turned a tight corner, I think the design needs to be improved for safety. Would be fine in flat smooth shopping centres but if you are using on paths check your routes for curbs or you’ll be stopping every 10 seconds to undo the straps and get your child off and please be cautious when turning a corner

  13. Shally

    I don’t like the seat it’s too small for my little girl I thought the seat was wide as seen on the website but no

  14. Casey Lister

    I bought the buggy board one and use it the day i got it and as im sure you know some pavements are uneven and my 1 year old boy tipped over in it luckily he dint hurt himself because i caught him before he his head hit the ground. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE, HOW THEY ARE STILL ALOUD TO SELL THESE IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

  15. Leena B

    Connects to my yoyo perfectly and has been a life saver for my 2 year old when I’m taking both my 6 month and 2 year old together! So easy to out on and very sturdy. It’s not on your way like other buggy boards….sometimes I forget my 2 year old is there because its on the side. He loves the fact that he’s ‘driving” top while I’m shopping. I’m a short person. .so other buggy boards make me walk with my bum sticking out as I try to reach the buggy handle. This is amazing because its out of the way completely. We are able to fit into lifts perfectly and it maneuvers very smoothly. Sometimes when you are out and need to come up and down pavements you will need to help the bike down.

  16. Ciara Marie

    Brought this due to seeing a mother use it for her daughter and it’s saved my life in having to take out my double buggy. Really easy to assemble and easy to use. I appreciate the safety harness that is on the chair as my son likes to escape at the best of chances so I feel secure knowing he is safe. If you have a tall 2/3 year old like myself it can seem a bit small but remove the padding off the chair and it’s more comfortable.
    Can be difficult to grow down bumps and slopes as the chair can tip but if you hold the back rest when going up a steep ramp or bump that can help with keeping the chair balanced! Can also be used as a standing buggy board so you get 2in1 which is a solid bonus!

  17. Ddelaney

    1st time using it and my daughter ended up, upside down in the middle of crossing a road!! It literally just went from under her and spun her right under, scrapping all her head and ear. Then as i tried to get her up it started to pull my pram over snd it’s not a light pram! (Silver cross surf) it was only that a lady came to help me that we weren’t hit by a car!!! 🤬🤬

  18. Linda C.

    I love this chair and more so, my toddler of 3 years of age also loves it. I have a baby and a dog and now can happily go out on walks without the worry of my toddler refusing to walk. Instead, the chair is there when he is tired. Only thing is, it’s very unstable when my toddler isn’t in it, but when he sits in it and his weight holds it down, it has been fine. Sometimes an extra hand is needed when getting up and down kurbs, but all in all, I’m super happy.

  19. Rhiannon

    Good consept on what it is. My 20 month loves it,and it’s easy connected to the main pram and also folds down compact. Only down side is the front wheels, my little one toppled over twice in it only going over a small bump in a pavement. Ideal if it’s just flat surface or short distance you need it for. Would be so much better if the front wheels where bigger or even the same size as the back ones to give it more sturdyness

  20. Shan shigri

    I saw that it would be for 1+ year baby. I ordered for my 3 years old child. I liked it but my child was feeling congested. I returned the item on 10 September but haven’t received my refund.

  21. Tanya

    This is so amazing and has helped me when taking my 18 month old and 2 month old out! I am no longer restricted and I can take my babies out wherever I like by myself!
    Takes abit of effort when going up and down curbs, also uneven surfaces such as bark etc should be avoided as seat topples over, but if youre going shopping or for a long walk it’s perfect!
    Get so many compliments when using it, and even get stopped to ask whereabout it’s from! Definitely recommend!

  22. SR

    Bought this as an alternative to a. Standard buggy board as I’m short and find them quite hard to use when directly in front of me. This arrived and looked great. Tried it for the first time today and it tipped my 20 month old out into the road!! We were crossing at a dropped, road level kerb, maybe a centimetre lip and when the wheels went over it, it tipped her sideways onto the floor. It was lucky that no cars were speeding or she would have been hit. I’m so angry as this is just not fit for purpose and my daughter could have been seriously hurt! I’be returned this now but needed to write a review to warn people that it’s not a safe board!

  23. Klaudia

    I have a 3 year old and a newborn and my 3 year old has only “run mode” so it’s sooo much easier now that I have Roma uptown rider. Definitely recommend it.

  24. greta Lapinskaitė

    not only my child likes this product but also me. Because it makes it a lot easier when you can carry a child

  25. KJHendy

    This product also lights up which are bright and multicoloured and my niece was amazed. Little bit of time securing it on and assembling but more for my own peace of mind. Can’t have bags on the handles however if using this as they will obstruct/ hit the child.

  26. Sharlie

    This is a godsend
    It attaches to my daughters snappi wheelchair so I can actually get out and about with both my 1 year old and my 6 year old

  27. Avril

    This is amazing, it allows myself freedom with all the kids at one time as it attaches to my daughter’s wheelchair,

  28. Universal footmuff

    This item is poorly designed – bought for my granddaughter – the restraining straps couldn’t be tightened up enough plus it tips up on pavements

  29. Laura Morrison

    This was easy to put together and attatches to the pram so easily and quickly! My little boy loves it! You do need to help it up and down curbs and be careful on very bumpy parts, but overall its been great!

  30. princess79

    I purchased this seat as a busy childminder of young children I needed an extra seat, I’ve always watched it on kerbs and don’t take tight corners with it but recently a child in my care leant to one side, tipped and has consequently broken her elbow from the fall! Not had any luck reporting to the seller, they aren’t interested! Shocking it tips so easily!

  31. zoe bowen

    Brought this in May 2021 when new baby came along so my other little could sit on Saved buying a new pram. Best Buy definitely worth the money, easy to push, chirp clips in so don’t fall off. It glides lovely, I find it easy to get up kerbs etc than other buggy boards.

  32. Lauren noonan

    Highly recommend my 3 and a half year old loves it when he gets tired of walking . It’s handy it’s on the side slightly so you don’t be miles away from the pram. Or tripping over it but on the other hand it needs to be made better for going up And down paths as sometimes it gets stuck and you need to pull it up with ur hand otherwise it’s Very handy

  33. Zuh

    Probably the worst and most dangerous thing ive gotten for my child. Its not great for when you have to push the pram up onto the pavement or if your getting on a bus. My baby was terrified of of falling on it too. I highly do not recommend

  34. Helena

    Super for the price it is worth it … To buy it

  35. Scarlett

    Product fitted to my babbii pushchair, but I find the high price not worth the money in my case wish I found a cheaper alternative as I barely use my pram as I drive but would be perfect for someone who would use it daily or even weekly… I’ve used it once in 6 months hence why I wish I found a cheaper alternative

  36. Ana Mackintosh

    Excellent service and product thank you I’m extremely happy

  37. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely amazing!
    Best quality,so strong and heavy,fits easy on the pushchair,had a pillow chair too so is comfortable for my 2 years little one and have lights on the wheels. Awesome product.

  38. Amazon Customer

    Need to be carful on bumpy surfaces and curbs but other than that this is absolutely brilliant! A real life saver!

  39. Emma

    Absolutely amazing well worth the money wouldn’t go back to a double buggy now my daughter is autistic and loves it thank you 😊

  40. Elleshia Andrews

    Absolutely love this, my 4 year old no longer moans when we’re out and it’s easy to attach. Highly recommend this.

  41. Paula

    Easy to fit, comes on and off easily when not required. My son loves it

  42. rachel

    Does exactly what it says. Very sturdy and easy to use

  43. Larissa

    Easy to assemble, easy to use. Definitely worth the money

  44. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely amazing buggy board! Definitely recommend, my son love it!

  45. Sarah

    My Grandson can not wait to go shopping now

  46. Klaudia Matuszak

    I’m really satisfied 🙂

  47. Charlotte gavin

    I can’t express how good this seller and product is I bought my seat just a little over 2years ago now as I was due my second child and didn’t want a double buggy but needed something for my son to help with long journeys as he was only just 2. The buggy board with seat is amazing so comfy for my son and the extra added bonus you can remove the seat if only going a short distance to encourage your child to walk and if you need to be somewhere quick they can just stand I absolutely love it!!

  48. karen

    This is brilliant, I bought a buggy board but returned it because it would either tip forward or backwards, I was apprehensive about this because some reviews said it could be unstable, but I don’t agree, I’m so pleased I found this, my 2.5 year old loves it as well

  49. Irina

    I love it! Is very east to assemble, the back wheels have lights as well. The chair is nice and sturdy, the bear area is non slippery.
    Totally recommend it

  50. Sam

    Perfect to bring twins and wobbler on a walk my 11 month old was so happy have her own little seat

  51. donna do

    Got this for my lazy 2 year old and he absolutely loves it. Only thing I don’t like is how sometimes it can tip if your not careful going down a curb. Other then that it’s excellent.

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