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Silicone Baby Elephant Teething Toy Blue | Teether


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Silicone Baby Elephant Teething Toy Blue

Flexible, light and the perfect size for tiny hands.

This fun elephant teething toy is great for gum relief and jaw development, also for sensory exploration.


This Silicone Baby Elephant Toy massags baby’s gums, effectively relieve discomfort and pain when teething, soothe your baby’s emotions, and satisfy your baby’s sense of security. A gentle massage of the gum’s stimulates the muscles in the mouth and improves the oral motor skills needed to speak. The back of this elephant teether has toothbrush bumps, that not only soothe your baby’s’ sore gums, even those hard-to-reach molars and gums at the back of their mouth, but also help your little one get familiar with brushing their teeth.

Easy to clean. Simply put in the boiling water, dishwasher or steam steriliser.

Gender: Unisex
Age Range: 0 to 24 Months
Material: Silicone, BPA Free Silicone
Brand Name: Angna
Model Number: AN-BTT117
Item: Silicone Soft Teething Toy
Size: 11.5*8*2cm
Color:  Blue
Weight: 45g/pcs
Usage: Soothing Baby’s Teething Pain
Feature: Eco-friendly
Shape: Animal Shape

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