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Sleep Tight Baby Bed – Botanical

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“Quite frankly, it’s a game changer” – The Independent, 2021. The Sleep Tight Baby Bed is our latest innovation, the first of it’s kind to be safe for independent, overnight sleep. Exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Available in 4 gorgeous designs, it was awarded an Indy Best Buy in February 2021 for the Best Baby Nest. Although we’ll let you into a secret there’s no other nest quite like it! “

  • The very first baby bed of it’s kind to be safe for independent, overnight sleep.
  • Awarded an Indy Best Buy for Baby Nests.
  • Tested to all relevant British Safety Standards and passed or exceeded them, giving you peace of mind we take safety seriously.
  • Fully breathable mesh base and sides allowing air to safely circulate, so baby can breathe easily and stay at a safe temperature all night.
  • Easy Peasy Cleaning – it’s fully washable, portable, and comes with a handy travel bag, making travelling a doddle!

The Sleep Tight Baby Bed has a fully breathable mesh base and sides that allow air to safely circulate allowing your little one to breathe easily all night. We know that overheating is a real worry for parents, we made sure that allowing air to circulate around your little snoozer to help them regulate their temperature was top of our priority list when we designed The Sleep Tight Bed.

The sides of the Baby Bed have a little bit of squidge but are mostly firm, made from materials that are proven to not flatten, night after night. Traditionally, nests have been designed with cushioned sides, that can cause suffocation, that’s why we’ve included structured sides as your little one won’t be able to cover their face or head fully with this product, so you can sleep easily knowing your baby is safe.

The Sleep Tight Baby Bed is made with the sustainably sourced fibre, Dupont™ Sorona®. Sorona is Oeko-Tex® 100 Class 1 Certified and is made from 37% plant based ingredients making it kinder to the environment and softer on skin. We found a glue that is non-toxic, safe for babies and the environment and that withstands daily use, is totally safe and awesome for the environment. If you take off the covers of your Sleep Tight Bed you might see a little of this glue in the inner construction – as it doesn’t contain bleach and harmful chemicals it is a natural sand colour.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do that’s why with the safer sleep guidelines in mind, the Sleep Tight Baby Bed has been designed with a firm, flat mattress suitable for use straight from birth. There’s no need to worry about leaks and accidents as the bed is fully washable making sure little one is always in a clean and safe sleeping environment. You can also buy spare covers for quick and easy night time changes. The bed also comes complete with a handy travel bag for use on the go so that you can support your baby’s sleep routine wherever you go! Easy Peasy!

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19 reviews for Sleep Tight Baby Bed – Botanical

  1. Trusted Customer

    Bit of conflicted feelings. Said it was safe for overnight sleep but then partner also read somewhere it wasn’t. Decided I didn’t want to risk it with my new born. But looked good quality other than that. But did not use so can’t say anymore about it

  2. Rosemary Luke

    It’s lovely soft shade of grey which will complement any colour it firm and gives Peace of mind that it is guaranteed safe for all night sleeping Very pleased with which I purchased for my expected great granddaughter in

  3. Charlotte Moore

    Website is easy to use and came quickly too

  4. Emma Mason

    This nest is a must-have for new parents! It has totally transformed how my newborn son sleeps! He refused to settle at night anywhere other than the original Purflo nest, which we had from when our first son was born a few years ago, but as it is only for naps and not for nighttime use I was at a loss as to what to do to ensure a safe nights sleep. So I was ecstatic when I discovered the Sleep Tight Baby Bed, which is safe for nighttime use. My baby sleeps soundly in it – he clearly loves the cosy, secure feeling of the nest – and I can rest easy knowing hes safe and secure. What an amazing product, the best £120 Ive ever spent!!

  5. Hannah

    We got this nest for our newborn. She loves it and falls asleep in the nest almost instantly. We love it because we have the peace of mind that she is not only cosey but that she is safe to fall asleep in this whilst we can also sleep too! Highly recommend!

  6. Jaclyn Mackinnon

    Best present ever – this must have been designed by a clever mummy!My baby sleeps so well in here, it is very reassuring that the sleep tight has been approved to be used overnight – it fits perfectly in the snuz pod.It is really portable, I move it around the house during the day & when we travel, this is his bed.I love the botanical print, I bought the grey cover, as a spare, so one is always on the bed.I wish the sleep tight baby bed had been available for my first baby, genuinely believe this would have been a game changer!

  7. A Falconer

    We have used this nest since day 1 of bringing her home and she settles in it very quickly every night. I have recommended it to anyone I talk to! I definitely think it’s a must have baby item.

  8. Katie

    Baby bed with mesh base and sides (at upper part) intended to provide breathable surface to prevent asphyxiation/overheating. Nice design, seems well made, light “ enabling it to be easily moved between rooms. Doesnt fit well into SnuzPod3. Machine washable but is extremely difficult to remove plastic base (Velcro opening of fabric at back is too small) and with continued washes the fabric may rip.

  9. Lucy Robinson

    I bought this after considering other nests but was worried about using them as they are not recommended for unsupervised sleep so went for this one as it had been certified for overnight sleeping. Its the best item Ive bought! My baby absolutely loves it and will fall asleep as soon as shes in it. The only downside is she 4 1/2 months and theres not much more growing room in it so I doubt she will still be able to fit in at 8 months. I would definitely buy if there was another for the next age like competitors have.

  10. Becky Lamb

    Absolutely love this product. Our little girl has slept in in since the day we brought her home. It fits perfectly inside the cot and gives us the reassurance that she is safe and comfortable due to the breathable sides and base. We take it downstairs for her to sleep in during the day too so get lots of use from it. It’s cover is a beautiful design and easy to take apart to wash. A must have for everyone.

  11. Nicola Puttick

    I was going to purchase a sleepyhead, but was concerned about safety as I’ve heard they can be a SIDS risk. Knowing that my baby is completely safe in the Sleep Tight bed is invaluable. It’s also excellent at keeping her cool on hot and sticky days. Highly recommended.

  12. Rebecca Coughlin

    We have been using the bed downstairs to put our little one downstairs in when she falls asleep, she loves it I think she feels safe in it as she tends to snuggle close to the sides, she must be comfortable as she sleeps in in everyday. I like the breathable panel that she lies on and its really easy to clean too. Theres plenty of room for her to grow too. Really love this bed its so easy to use we keep it on the sofa with us its a life saver as she like to sleep on us and so being able to put her in this and know shes safe is brilliant.

  13. Natalie Boyland

    The Purflo Sleep Tight baby bed has made such a difference to the quality and quantity of sleep for both me and my baby boy. For weeks we tried two different moses baskets and a cot, but my son just wouldn’t sleep anywhere but lying on my chest. Many mornings I would wake up panicked on the sofa after having fallen asleep in exhaustion. Until buying the Purflo bed, I had only spent 1 full night in my own bed. The Purflo bed completely changed that for me. I have spent every night in my own bed, and my son has slept like a dream. He will even go to bed awake and settles himself. It a superb quality product, and it has had such a positive impact upon our family life, thank you!

  14. Sarah

    We were really pleased with the quality of this product. The fabric is soft, the base is sturdy and the overall feel and appearance is extremely high. The cover is easy to take off and wash, and with the bed being so lightweight yet sturdy, it is easy to transport around the house. Our baby is only 4 weeks old, but we have found the baby bed a safe environment for her to lay awake or asleep. It is great to lay her whilst we get ready, knowing she is safe. The bumper ensures her safety and provides comfort as it creates a cocoon effect. Very pleased overall.

  15. Annie Pattinson

    There is literally nothing I can fault the Sleep Tight Baby Bed on, it’s lightweight and made to a high standard. I’m a first time Mum and needed to have an emergency C Section. A C Section delivery can take away alot of your ability to do normal Mum duties as you can’t hold your new baby for too long & your limited to what you can lift etc. The Sleep Tight Bed meant that when I woke up on a morning I could take my little girl down stairs, feed her & get her dressed on my own as i could then safely lay her at the side of me on the sofa. The Sleep Tight Baby bed is so light weight I could move it around on my own which was amazing,

  16. Amy

    My son has been sleeping in this baby bed since birth, and I couldnt recommend it enough! Not only has he slept through the night from 8 weeks, but I can rest too because I feel totally comfortable allowing him to sleep overnight in it. The bottom and sides are completely breathable so I know if his little face was to push up again the sides he mesh fabric would allow him to breathe. Its completely snug but safe at the same time. Its also easy to remove the covers to wash, its been washed loads of times but still looks brand new. I would and do recommend it to everyone.

  17. Millie Rollinson

    We absolutely love our Purflo sleep tight bed. I loved the idea of the nests as I wanted something my baby could nap in in the day in full sight of me however after doing some research I didnt like that most of the beds didnt have breathable sides which worried me. The breathable panels on the Purflo bed puts my mind at ease and feel comfortable napping while my baby naps or nipping out the room to quickly grab something.

  18. Harriet

    My baby just loves to be snuggled and since having this it means I can place him down to sleep safely whereas before I was falling asleep holding him. It’s so easy to clean which is incredibly helpful. I love that it has a hard flat base which makes you feel satisfied that baby has a safe environment.

  19. Michelle

    The Sleep Tight Baby Bed has been fantastic for us. My baby sleeps in it each night and I know it’s safe. He’s always loved going down in it from the start and it’s now our go to for his bedtime! My sister is expecting a baby and I’ve suggested she gets this!

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