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Wearable Breast Pump

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The Fraupow Hands-Free Breast Pump allows busy mums to pump milk whilst getting on with all the other stuff they need to do. It is lightweight, wire-free and fits inside your bra, and was created to support Mums.


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Key Features 4 Pumping Modes: Massage/Expression/Lactation/Auto 12 Intensity Levels Powerful suction: Max 300 mmHg Anti-Leak Hands-Free Design Large Capacity: 180ml Full LED Touch Screen Battery level indicator USB Type C charging port Strong battery life (up to 100 minutes) 20 minute automatic shut-off timer Material: Food grade silicone Weight: 218g Battery: 1000Ah (included) Your order includes: – Motor pump with Full LED Touch Screen – 24mm flange x 1 – Duck bill valve x 1 – Collecting Cup x 1 – Linker x 1 – USB Charging Cable (Type C) – Bra extenders x 2 – Replacement Valve x 1 – Replacement Seal Rings x 2 – Midwife Support Calls x 3 (20 Min Sessions) Award winning Made For Mums Award 2023 – Gold, Best Wearable Pump Loved By Parents 2023 – Gold, Best Electronic Breast Pump Lover By Parents 2023 – Silver, Best Portable Feeding Product Dadsnet Awards 2022 – Gold, Best Feeding Product Nursery Online Awards 2022 – Gold, Best Breastfeeding Product Made For Mums Awards 2022 – Silver, Best Wearable Pump Project Baby Awards 2021 – Gold, Best Electric Pump Convenient Finding it hard to fit pumping in around the million other things you have to do as a Mum? The Fraupow pump sits inside your bra and runs on rechargeable battery, so that you can pump discreetly and comfortably whilst relaxing, looking after your baby, working, or whatever else you need to get on with. Pumping should be part of your day, not get in the way of your day. Comfortable Every boob and every baby is different. Breastfeeding is a very personal experience, so the Fraupow Pump has different sized flanges to cup your breast comfortably, and 12 different intensity levels so that you can adjust it to suit your flow. Made from lightweight, durable, and BPA-free silicone materials, its ergonomic silhouette fits the shape of you and your schedule. Wires and tubes get in the way, so we’ve created a pump that simply doesn’t have them, so you can focus on nurturing your baby. Powerful Our pump uses advanced air-pressure pulse technology that expresses milk but avoids irritation and discomfort. Much like the great mums who use it, it’s powerful and gentle at the same time, allowing you an efficient and comfortable pump every time. The USB rechargeable battery ensures up to 100 minutes pumping after a full charge. It’s cordless and ridiculously portable! Efficient Breast milk is precious, don’t waste a drop! The anti-spill and anti-leak design of the Fraupow pump means you can move around while pumping and still catch all that good nutritious milk. If you find that one breast leaks while you feed on the other, you can use the Fraupow pump to catch the leaked milk, and still hold your baby close for uninterrupted skin to skin contact as you feed. Lighter than the leading alternative it weighs in at just 218g, and it also holds 180ml of milk – 30ml more than the competition, meaning that mums can pump greater quantities without having to stop to empty the milk chamber or change bottles. Affordable The Fraupow Wearable Electric Pump is loaded with features that ensure it keeps up with or beats other pumps, at less than half the price of the leading competition. Fraupow believes in helping mums do the hardest job, without breaking the bank. Supportive UK Mums can now access midwife support at the touch of a button, on their phone or computer, thanks to the live chat and video call service from Fraupow. Whether you are pregnant and have a question, or need advice on feeding your baby up to a year old, Fraupow can connect you with a real midwife to help you at www.fraupow.com The last thing you need when you have a hungry baby is a problem with your pump! If you need help with your Fraupow product, you can access customer support at www.fraupow.com. We can advise which would be the best product for you, help you get going with it and fix any issues quickly and easily. Everything You Need The Fraupow Hands-Free Breast Pump fits with the other products in Fraupow’s breastfeeding support system. There are a range of different sized flanges and inserts available for the pump so that you can tailor it to your needs, and Fraupows bottles, milk collection bags, reusable breast pads and other feeding accessories provide everything you need to make pumping and feeding as hassle free as possible.

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Weight 460 kg
Dimensions 18 × 14.5 × 8 cm

55 reviews for Wearable Breast Pump

  1. Charlotte C.

    Wow!!! I am beyond impressed. I am fully expressing as little one had tongue tie & bf became uncomfortable so expressing was better. I used a manual pump for the first 6 weeks & I don’t know how I survived to be honest! Barely getting 2oz on each session. Then comes in this pump with the correct insert (this is so important!) and on my 1st pump I got 6oz from one boob. I cried so much!

  2. Catherine H.

    After having this pump reccomended to me by a midwife, I took the plunge. So far I’ve had a really positive experience using my Fraupow pumps! I purchased 2 at Christmas time and have used them every day since. This pump has eabled me to hold my baby and pump at the same time, giving me great flexibility! Customer services have also been excellent and really efficient when I’ve had queries that need answering. Highly reccomend this company!

  3. Michelle L.

    Day 6 as a new mom. I’m super happy that the electric pump works so well and I’m able to express more milk than I anticipated. It gave my sore nipples a much-needed break from breastfeeding. Product is easy to use and assemble, the only suggestion I have is to be able to buy multiple collecting sets directly on the website so moms can minimize the time it takes to sterialize everything after each use. I reached out to the customer service and they were more than helpful to put in the order for me.

  4. Zahrah A.

    I was super amazed at how easy it is to use and clean! User friendly for sure. As a first time mum, its the first time using a chargeable and wireless electric pump, and it didn’t disappoint. It works amazing and comfortable to wear around the house as well. Will definitely recommend to my fellow mums and mums-to-be!

  5. Martina R.

    I am very happy with my breast pump. It is very easy to use and fits in every handbag. The battery lasts a long time and it also looks super nice 😉 The noise is very quiet, nobody in the office notices that I’m pumping. I wish every mommy could have a FrauPow!

  6. Marija M.

    Breastfeeding wasn’t an easy jo they for us, so topping up with milk was key. Having this pump & being able to still give him what my body was producing was an absolute joy! It’s so easy to use, it’s not loud, it’s actually soothing for my son! I even pumped once in the car on the way to a dinner! It’s that easy!

  7. Xm C.

    I’ve gone thru 3 pumps, and finally hit the jackpot with this one, so much so I’m getting a second one. It’s sturdy and comfortable, plus it stays in place while I’m moving around and pumping. With another brand, I had a problem with the motor popping out from the cup – so far, no issues with this one. The cup design also makes it easy to rest on a flat surface while I sort myself out, and easy to empty. It’s freed me to pump while I’m out. I’ve pumped while out at a restaurant, shopping, and even at a west end musical!

  8. Charlotte B.

    Absolutely love this pump, I waited till My little girl was 2 weeks old before I invested in Fraupow but it arrived quickly and couldn’t believe how easy and quickly it is to assemble. Although I was getting a decent amount off I read more about flange size and then ordered an insert which has made pimping much more comfortable and now getting much more milk in less time per pumping session.

  9. Jo R.

    I brought these wearable pumps as I am on strict BF & pump schedule & needed something to make my life easier. They are comfortable to tolerate 8 pumping sessions a day & game changer in being able to order the right flange size for me. I have low milk supply and using these pumps regularly has allowed me to stick with my schedule & see an improvement. Really pleased & have ordered spare parts to reduce washing times & the company were supportive of this. Also the company have been really responsive to email contact – really impressed!

  10. Ema S.

    I bought two pumps, as my baby was demanding more milk from my partner when he bottle feeds her at night (meaning I get to sleep through one feed, yay!). My let down pumps just weren’t keeping up with the demand, so I finally forked out for these. I also bought the 17mm flanges and they fit well. I immediately saw results and now I can get up to 100ml more milk from the same amount of expressing! The only slightly nuisance is that the pumps go down to one bar of battery after three 15-min sessions, but I just have them on charge rotation once a day. Would definitely recommend to others.

  11. Venessa D.

    Absolutely in love with these pumps! I get double the amount of milk than I did with my old pump. I ordered two so I can double pump to gain extra sleep through the night by halting my pump time. Also because they are hands free it means I can now feed my son at the same time! Again cutting down the time I need to stay awake.

  12. Katie W.

    Great experience using the Fraupow pump. Easy to assemble, use and pour the milk and I got a lot more than I thought pumping alongside feeding my daughter directly. Looking forward to purchasing another so I can double pump when I return to work.

  13. Hannah G.

    This breastpump saved my breastfeeding journey! My baby decided he didn’t want to feed anymore at 8 weeks old, and despite everything I tried this continued. However I was able to save my milk supply by expressing 3-4 times a day, on the go with my toddler too. I get more milk with this pump than any other pump I’ve ever used. It’s so handy, I use it on the way to work, at home, at friend’s houses, I’ve even used it while doing my food shopping!

  14. Laura S.

    I cannot praise this pump enough! As a first time Mum, I was determined to breast feed my little girl but had an awful experience – she has a poor latch and I don’t seem to produce enough milk. My nipples suffered terribly, baby’s weight dropped by 9% and we were constantly in and out of hospital. I’d read the excellent reviews on Fraupow and knew that if this pump didn’t work, I’d be throwing the towel in on breast-feeding. This pump instantly drew more milk than I thought possible and it was pain-free! I

  15. Gabriella S.

    So I’ve only used these pumps once so far as unfortunately the flange they come with is far too big. I think it would be great of the pump came with inserts included because 24mm is huge! I found after one use that I was very sore where too much tissue was being drawn into the pump and rubbing along the inside of the pump.

  16. Danielle H.

    Really brilliant wireless pump! I got two and they are great, I can get so much done without being wired up to a wall, I also got the flange adjustment fitting and it works perfect. I love the auto mode and get good amounts of milk with that.

  17. Bethan M.

    Really happy with my purchase! I’d been looking for a hands free pump, but couldn’t justify the price of some other brands. It’s helped continue our pumping journey and we’re 14 weeks in now. Only downside is the battery life isn’t always the best. When fully charged I’ve had it go from 3 to 2 bars within 5 minutes of use.

  18. Gillian S.

    This pump was suggested to me by a friend as last pregnancy I didn’t have a great experience expressing. I didn’t get much expressing despite being able to successfully breastfeed for 16months. I would say once your feeding is established, this pump is so amazing! The most I’ve got from a pump! So easy to use, clean and it’s so convenient!

  19. Rachel K.

    I’m a third time Mum with a big age gap between number 2 and 3. Fraupow has revolutionised expressing. I spent hours sitting hooked up to a pump feeling very restricted. This time around I’m able to get chores done AND express whilst my daughter is asleep. Actually I’m also able to express whilst my daughter is awake and/or feeding.

  20. Laura M.

    Absolutely love this pump! So easy and simple to use, even when feeding from the other side as the baby can’t kick it off. Very easy to get a couple of ounces without any effort. Customer service has always been excellent, very quick responses and incredibly helpful. Would highly recommend.

  21. Ellie H.

    I can’t recommend the Fraupow Breast Pump enough. It’s so simple to put together and use. The screen is really helpful so you are able to see your settings and how long you have been pumping for. It’s been great to be able to look after my little boy, do some housework, walk around all at the same time as pumping. I have even popped to the shops whilst wearing it!

  22. Jenny

    I love this pump, it’s so easy to clean, to put together and to use. It remembers your chosen settings and it’s easy to pop in your bra to either feed baby on the other side or easily do bits around the house. I’ve even worn a scarf over and walked around shopping with it. It works so well that I’m looking a getting a second to be able to do both sides, particularly while I’m at work.

  23. Kirsty H.

    I’ve managed to express the same amount in the same time as using my madela swing but at the same time as carrying my sleeping baby in a sling and pushing my 2 year old up to the library. What a time saver! I couldn’t believe it worked so well for such a small pump. An absolute lifesaver right now on my breastfeeding journey with a baby who has bad reflux and a terrible latch! I’ve pumped while driving, while changing nappies while playing in the park and I’ve only had it two days.

  24. Elizabeth M.

    Absolutely love it!! Cannot sing it’s praises enough. Wish I’d had this last time instead of being chained to a bulky pump with huge wires that I had to hold with both hands. Thank you for creating a hands-free pump that really works and doesn’t cost ridiculous money. Tempted to buy a second!

  25. Casey M.

    This pump is a life saver! I decided to pump after struggling to get my newborn to latch. This pump is so easy to use with the handy timer on the LED screen and attaches discreetly. The assembly is so easy and the drain point helps to get every last drop! I get the same amount of milk as my electric pump and it’s hands free! Just what I need when trying to entertain my toddler too. Can’t wait to receive my second pump to be able to continue my pumping journey with ease.

  26. Nicky O.

    We had a rough start to breastfeeding due to a tongue tie and were rapidly on a feeding plan due to weight loss from my baby’s inability to latch. At 5 days old, I had to start offering breast then pumping then bottle feed 8x a day. It was super intense and exhausting. Initially I rented a Medela Symphony hospital grade pump, but I longed to be freed from being attached to the wall during my pumping sessions. Cue my introduction to FrauPow!

  27. Georgia B.

    Amazing wearable pump! Everyone in my family comments how handy and well designed they are. They have great suction and capacity. I’m only 2 months into my pumping journey, but I know I wouldn’t have got this far without them! It’s great to be able to go about your daily life without being tied to a wall. Thank you !

  28. Jennifer P.

    Best pump I have used

  29. Juste M.

    I love this pump so much that I got a second one. I am exlusively pumping so it saves time to have two. It is easy to clean and put together. Fraupow customer service is really great and helpful.

  30. Sophie Y.

    10/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Highly recommend! I was an anxious first time mum looking for a simple but effective pump and this is it! Easy to take apart, clean, sterilise and reassemble before first use without any of the faffy tubes on some pumps. So easy to use that on my first go I was able to do it in the dark whilst my baby slept. It left me feeling so proud of my body from day 1, with no discomfort thanks to the multiple power settings and massage modes.

  31. Martina B.

    I love my pump! I loved it so much after a week or so I had to get another one so I can double pump. When I pump at my peak times I manage to fill the pump in 20 minutes. It’s been a god sent as I can pump anywhere I want around the house, especially when I pump at night, I can do so in bed. Most of my mum friends bought one thanks to the referral discount and we all rave about our pumps.

  32. Roberta G.

    Absolutely brilliant pump and fantastic customer service – thank you so much! My baby girl was born 5 weeks premature and struggled to latch from the beginning. I was determined to feed her breast milk so started exclusively pumping. The Fraupow pump has allowed me to live a relatively normal life whilst exclusively pumping for my baby girl without being constantly attached to a plug. I love it so much I’m about to buy a second one to double pump!

  33. Lucy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE As a first time Mummy I was keen to try expressing my milk so I can have a little more freedom, and I wanted to make sure my little one is still getting my milk. The product is amazing value, easy to clean and simple to operate. I love the fact it’s wireless and easy to pop inside my bra whilst I’m feeding on the other side.

  34. Zoe N.

    Hey, I just wanted to get in touch to say how amazing your pump is! I purchased it thinking it would be super handy with having a toddler and a newborn. However, after unexpectedly ending up in hospital with my 2 day old newborn it became one of my most essential items. Just as my milk was coming in I was told I couldn’t feed my son as he need to be nil by mouth for surgery. The pump meant I could express whilst being there for him in the hospital and keep my milk supply going whilst he was unable to feed.

  35. L A.

    Wireless, handsfree, no fuss pumping at accessible prices. I bought 2 Fraupow pumps with 2x 17mm inserts on a whim after reading a few reviews and 1 recommendation. After using another popular brand, feeling quite disheartened by the output and experience, and nearly giving up on expressing so I could try and do other things in my life, I haven’t looked back after using Fraupow . It is an excellent product. Thank you for helping me on this journey with my newborn son.

  36. Rachael I.

    This pump is so easy to use. Been able to get 3 to 4 oz in 6mins or less. Not too loud and convenient to use as no wires. Price isn’t too much either. I love how it has the massage function too. Would highly recommend this. I won’t look back!

  37. Jessica B.

    Wow! This pump is amazing, it’s light, compact, powerful and most of all I can get so much done whilst wearing it. I wish I’d have known about Fraupow before now as it has given me so much more confidence and I’m expressing so much more than I ever thought I could. Thank you 🤍

  38. Tracy A.

    I bought this after hearing about it on a pumping forum. I was not disappointed, it is a game changer. I was able to get on with doing things around the house or feeding the LO while pumping, amazing product. I’ve been having similar amounts too.

  39. Emma E.

    Exclusively breastfeeding my 6m old with cmpa and working full time so needed a pump I could use in the office and on video calls discreetly and conveniently to maintain my supply. The fraupow ticks all the boxes at such an affordable price 👌

  40. Emily B.

    GAME CHANGER! If you are even remotely thinking about buying this pump then just do it!! Do not hesitate! I have a 2 year old and a newborn, I struggled to find time to express so just got out the way of doing it..meaning all the baby feeds fell on me and I was missing out on doing things with our toddler.

  41. Imogen M.

    Just wanted to say, I am SO impressed with your pump. I was a Medela freestyle veteran with my firstborn and used this twice a day from day one & then took it to work to pump. I knew I wanted something more discreet but wasn’t willing to pay for some of the models out there.

  42. Rebecca E.

    After having a difficult labour and birth including an emergency C section I needed something so I could pump but not be stuck in one uncomfortable position. The fraupow wearable pump is perfect because it’s portable, you can wear it to pump for multiple sessions, it’s not heavy and it is quiet so doesn’t distract from listening out for baby.

  43. Joanne R.

    Amazing! After lockdown lifted and I started to be able to go out and do more, this pump has been a lifesaver. So easy to use, and so convenient. Can get so much done when wearing it! Amazing price too. Would highly recommend!

  44. Tan S.

    If you’re thinking of buying this pump, DO IT NOW! This is such an affordable product & the quality is amazing. At just setting ‘2’ I get 5 ounces of milk in 20 minutes! It’s so easy to clean & my favourite function is pouring out the milk to freeze it for later (also so satisfying to watch 😍) as a first time mum, I never knew what I needed or where to start; this is a necessity! Fraupow also provide ongoing care and support through their Instagram, so you’re never alone in the journey. Thank you for making my life easier!

  45. Zara C.

    I needed a replacement for my double pump that was hands free but the price tag that went with a single hands free pump was out of my budget- until I found Fraupow. I love it, it fits nicely in my bra and allows me to pick up the babies or run the hoover round and not be a sofa prisoner during pumping time.

  46. Shelbie N.

    I wanted to give Fraupow a big thumbs up from me. I am on a relactating journey and this pump has made it possible to get my supply back! I have received excellent customer service due to having ordered the wrong flange size and then sending me another for free and also now looking into getting me one made to fit me perfectly as I have small nipples!

  47. Sophie M.

    This pump is amazing!!! My little boy usually only sleeps during the day in the pram so I was really struggling to express! I would use surgical tape to hold my old pump in place whilst trying to push his pram back and forth with him usually screaming.

  48. Lucy H.

    This pump is honestly a life saver! I didn’t have the best start to breastfeeding even though it was the one thing I dreamed of achieving when Henry was born. I had an emergency C and had a tough time latching followed by other complications… I was given a Calypso pump and a Medela pump to try out, and I just never had the time or energy to use them!

  49. Kathryn G.

    I was slightly nervous buying this product as it is new on the market and it is currently less talked about on the internet. However I’m glad I did buy it! Does what it says on the tin! I manage my to get 5.5oz off one side and 3oz off the other (i recently fed on that side) with no effort and managed to get my 3 year old ready for preschool at the same time!

  50. Amy K.

    I’m so grateful to have found this pump! It has been a complete game changer for me a my little girl. I didn’t plan to exclusively pump, but my little girl had a bit of a bumpy start and feeding has been a bit of a struggle. Still determined to breastfeed, pumping became the natural solution.

  51. Symmone E.

    I’m currently exclusively pumping for my third baby who is 8 weeks old so I needed a pump that was hands and wire free. I had one that did the job ok. But a friend bought be the Fraupow and I could immediately tell the difference. It gets more milk out on lower settings than other pumps. The timer is so handy to know how long I’ve got left and the automatic 30min shut off means when I fall asleep wearing it(which happens a lot lol) I don’t have to worry about causing any damage.

  52. Sal P.

    This pump has been a life saver, I’ve found it really difficult getting into a routine and trying to pump at the same time but this pump has done it for me, I can pump on the go with no stress and it’s just as powerful as my previous pump if not more. Thank you Fraupow!!!

  53. Bianca S.

    I was so nervous to order, but WOW, what an amazing product! Comfortable to wear, easy to use, discreet and such great personalized customer service. Alani – Thank You and for your guidance and for answering all my questions and concerns I had. Been an amazing experience so far and excited to build up my storage supply! Would recommend the FrauPow 100 times over, every mom should have one!

  54. Kirsty H.

    I’ve been hand expressing since my baby was born 5 weeks ago but was struggling to find time to express when he would only sleep on me when at home on my own. I’ve tried a few different pumps, but found them all very painful. When I saw the Fraupow and the option for different flange sizes, and the incredibly reasonable price, I decided to give pumping one last go. The customer service was amazing and my questions via Instagram were answered straight away.

  55. Danielle

    I am so impressed with this pump. On level 1, I pumped for 20 minutes on each breast and got almost 6oz! It was my first use. Having my hands free was a huge bonus too. It was comfortable and convenient. I can’t wait to use it again!

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